How Borutos Time Travel Changes The World Of Naruto

How Boruto’s Time Travel Changes The World Of Naruto

Boruto ventures into the world of time-travel and the young ninja inadvertently does something that leads to a key change within the Naruto universe.

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How Borutos Time Travel Changes The World Of Naruto

Boruto’s time-traveling leads to a fundamental change within the world of Naruto. Currently in the Boruto anime series, the young eponymous ninja and his mentor, Sasuke Uchiha, have accidentally journeyed back in time while pursuing a villainous being from another dimension, Urashiki Otsutsuki. Conveniently enough, Boruto and Sasuke land directly in the time period of the original Naruto series, and begin to encounter younger versions of the main cast. Boruto meets his parents, Sasuke bumps into his younger wife and all manner of era-crossing hijnks take place.

The mysterious time-manipulating turtle Boruto and Sasuke used to traverse the timeline gives the duo a stark warning – don’t do anything that could affect the future, don’t get involved with anyone close to you in the present, and stay inconspicuous. Predictably, Boruto fails on all three accounts, and soon finds himself attached at the hip to a younger version of his own father. Since Boruto doesn’t begin a Back To The Future-style disappearing act, it can be assumed that he is yet to do anything that might negatively impact his future. However, one scene does seem to confirm that Boruto’s visit to the past directly leads to a massive change in the Naruto world that fans are already familiar with.

While Boruto and a young Naruto are wandering around Konoha village, the latter bumps into another ninja in typically clumsy fashion. Boruto bemoans the archaic ways of the past, claiming that all their problems would be solved if they had the Thunder Train of his era. Confused, Naruto asks what his future son is talking about and Boruto provides a brief explanation of the vehicle’s purpose. Unbeknownst to the two youngsters, the ninja they bumped into heard the exchange, and is left musing over the possibility of a train that could carry people and goods around the entire village. The ninja’s name? Ereki Kaminarimon.

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In Boruto’s timeline, Kaminarimon is Konoha’s premiere entrepreneur and the chief exponent of the village’s technology. A huge part of the Kaminarimon Company’s success is the construction of Thunder Trains around the settlement, and this development was instrumental in the modernization of Konoha that took place between the end of the Naruto story and the beginning of Boruto. One of the first things fans noticed after the time skip was the existence of skyscrapers and modern conveniences in the previously feudal-style village, and Kaminarimon bears more responsibility for this transformation than most.

Now it appears that Kaminarimon’s inspiration came directly from the time-traveling Boruto, creating a fascinating paradox. Boruto mentions Kaminarimon’s Thunder Train in the past because he’s familiar with it in the future; Kaminarimon only builds the Thunder Train because he hears Boruto talking about his own future creation. It’s a contradiction usually saved for the realms of science fiction, but the biggest consequence is that Boruto directly triggers the technological development within Konoha. Without his input from the future, Kaminarimon might have never had the spark of inspiration needed to build his train service, and the village would’ve stayed in its same primitive state.

It could perhaps be argued that the current arc of the Boruto anime is filler, and therefore non-canon. Indeed, most of the series so far has been filler material. However, the new creative team behind the Boruto anime and manga franchise have stressed that the comic and the TV show are both telling separate stories, rather than the standard format where the comics are canon and anything outside of that is not. For this reason, it could certainly be claimed that Boruto’s time-bending antics are canon, and his huge influence on the future of Konoha village is genuine.

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