How Many People Michael Keatons Batman Killed In The Tim Burton Movies

How Many People Michael Keaton’s Batman Killed In The Tim Burton Movies

Tim Burton’s Batman adaptations starred Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader, who actually killed a surprising amount of people in his two movies.

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How Many People Michael Keatons Batman Killed In The Tim Burton Movies

Michael Keaton is regarded as one of the greatest menacing Caped Crusaders, albeit using some controversial fighting tactics, so how many people did he actually kill in Batman and Batman Returns? Tim Burton and Michael Keaton’s team-up was extremely controversial among comic-book fans who didn’t believe the Pee-wee’s Big Adventure director and comedy actor would understand the nuances of Bruce Wayne. Instead of taking on the more campy direction of Adam West’s notable Batman, Burton and Keaton made the superhero much darker, fully exploring the sinister nature of Gotham and tortured soul of Bruce Wayne.

In Batman (1989), Bruce Wayne faced the most notable Batman-foe of all time in Jack Nicholson’s Joker. In Bruce Wayne’s call to action, he must stop the Joker from terrorizing Gotham with the help of Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon, while saving Gotham’s reporter and his new love-interest Vicki Vale. Keaton reprises his role in Batman Returns (1992), where Bruce Wayne dually faces the Penguin, a deformed man who rules a crew of Gotham’s terrorizing criminals from the sewers, and Catwoman, who vows to take revenge on Gotham’s corrupt corporate mogul Max Shreck.

The fun of superhero movies and their villains is that the adaptations concoct rivalries by the villain rarely actually being killed by the hero. When a superhero like Batman kills citizens it is typically in self-defense, to save an innocent life, or to rid the world of a menacing evil. The rules on minimizing death have gotten pretty lenient in recent adaptations of the Caped Crusader, though Michael Keaton’s Batman had his own fair share of slain victims. According to a well-calculated count by Mr. Sunday Movies on YouTube, Keaton’s Dark Knight killed 17 people in Batman and only 3 in Batman Returns, for a total of 20 victims.

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In Batman, Bruce Wayne ended up killing 16 of the Joker’s cronies, with the 17th kill being the Joker himself as he is launched off the side of a building. In Batman Returns, the kills done at the hands of Bruce Wayne are a jester he torches alive, a strongman he assists in being blown up, and the use of his bats to send the controversial Penguin falling to his death in the sewers. The first Batman count isn’t completely reliable considering many of the kills are unconfirmed offscreen or include a group of criminals in a building explosion, but it still amounts to a significant amount of mortal damage.

Aside from the early controversy about Burton and Keaton helming Batman, the duo’s movies remain subject to criticism over the lethal tactics and lack of hesitation for killing henchmen as easily as the actual villains. In most superhero lore, the henchmen aren’t as crucial to kill as the main villain; they are typically subdued and apprehended rather than murdered by the hero. In Tim Burton’s Batman movies, the Caped Crusader uses machine guns, bombs, and alternate explosives to take out as many henchmen as possible even if they aren’t directly in the vicinity of the villain. Typically, hand-to-hand combat is more acceptable for heroes and leads to less lethal means, saving the criminals to see justice in prison instead of simply being killed. Most iterations of Batman only kill foes when absolutely necessary, and Tim Burton and Michael Keaton’s adaptation use that guideline quite liberally.

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