iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

iCarly: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability

The early 2000s were filled with some of the best Nickelodeon TV shows of all time, including the one and only, iCarly.

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iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

The early 2000s were filled with some of the best Nickelodeon TV shows of all time, including the one and only, iCarly. Fans of this show are currently ecstatic about the upcoming revival of the popular sitcom that will be released on the Paramount+ streaming service.

Longtime fans miss the “random dancing” moments from the show, in addition to their favorite characters and their personal stories. In the meantime, before the reboot officially happens this year, veteran viewers can recall who their favorite characters were and why. Like every well-made show, there are always a few unlikable characters thrown in the mix to create some conflict for the likable ones.

10 Lewbert

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

This dude was easy to dislike. From all the loud screaming to the plain weird interactions, Lewbert was not the most likable character.

While Lewbert gave viewers some pretty hilarious scenes through his random bouts of anger, his voice was still undoubtedly obnoxious. Almost every single time Carly, Sam, and Freddie encountered Lewbert, it involved him shouting at them in an uncontrollable manner. No one ever understood why Lewbert was an explosive volcano most of the time.

9 Chuck

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

This kid was one for the books in terms of characters. Chuck may have been small but he had an extensive drive to bringing misery to others.

The 10-year-old mainly terrorized Spencer, as his inability to receive discipline consumed him and ultimately made him lash out against anyone that stood in his way. Chuck was physically violent, even later getting arrested and sent to military school. Before this, viewers saw him slap Spencer on the coffee table, which was one of the main moments that made him easy to dislike.

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8 Nevel

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

Carly would “rue this day!” Nevel, the evil mastermind that antagonized Carly and her entire web show, never ceased his quest for revenge. He started off as just a creepy, flirtatious, and threatening little boy on the show.

However, as Nevel grew up, his tricks matured along with him, making the iCarly gang’s lives more difficult. His fixation on getting a kiss from Carly conveyed his narcissism and even misogyny in thinking he could force or manipulate Carly to do something. From a little kid to a teenager, Nevel never backed down when it came to something he wanted. Poor Carly had to endure being his girlfriend in the alternate reality Christmas episode. That was painful to watch.

7 Mrs. Benson

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

The extremely overprotective mother was not admirable most of the time, however, could be sympathized with a few times when considering her emotions.

Mrs. Benson humiliated Freddie in front of his friends throughout the course of the show, intending for him to be totally reliant on her. Luckily, Freddie didn’t exhibit that as he was a pretty independent and well-mannered person. Nevertheless, his mother did some pretty drastic things in response to her fear of losing her son. As one example, she refused to provide him with any allowance money above $8 per month out of fear that he would buy a bus ticket and leave her. Talk about some serious paranoia.

6 Gibby

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

Gibby was a good person overall and even helped the friend group out a few times with their web show. He never gave anyone outward problems as a few antagonist characters did. In fact, Gibby was actually a victim of Sam’s derisions as well as having some pretty bad luck sometimes.

Gibby may have had a small crush on Sam earlier in the show, even when she would bully him. Gibby wasn’t always one to just roll with the punches though. He actually proved himself to be a fighter when he had to be, such as when he thought that Freddie kissed his girlfriend, Tasha. Gibby wasn’t going to back down but ultimately apologized to Freddie when he realized his mistake.

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5 Carly

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

This may seem controversial to put Carly in the middle here, but there were times when viewers agreed they didn’t love Carly that much.

While Carly was obviously a caring and outwardly kind character, she revealed a few slick issues that some let slide under the rug and didn’t recognize as bad traits. Since Freddie’s crush on her in the earlier seasons was known by everyone, Carly would sometimes exploit his feelings whenever she needed his help, such as when she’d say, “Please? For me.” Other times, Carly’s general approach to different situations would sometimes involve this aura of her always wanting to be right, and have the authority, especially between Freddie and Sam.

4 T-Bo

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

Fans knew they could never go wrong with T-Bo! This character was underrated but nevertheless, still a fun one to watch and empathize with. To start off, T-Bo was the hilarious yet cool manager and worker at The Groovy Smoothie, where the iCarly friends would normally hang out.

T-Bo would constantly offer his customers new and unique snacks, normally on a stick. One of the earliest lines fans heard from him was about the bagels he obsessively tried to sell. He was fearless and confident, but still a nice person overall and an apparent friend of the gang since he was at Carly’s birthday.

3 Sam

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

While Sam may actually not have been everybody’s favorite in the beginning, she was shown to be a loving, and therefore lovable, character as time progressed.

Some of Sam’s choices were not so great but with the help of her friends, Carly and Freddie for the most part, she matured into a better friend and conscientious person overall. Sam’s tough and aggressive demeanor was usually associated with her fear of getting too close to someone, and therefore showing emotions. The prime example of this trait was when she dated Freddie but couldn’t face her feelings for him head-on. Sam didn’t ever want to appear stereotypically weak, but she learned constantly that emotions only made her a stronger person. Sam was also a versatile person, having been a pageant contestant earlier in life yet had no problem finishing a fight with a school bully.

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2 Spencer

iCarly Every Main Character Ranked By Likability

The older brother who brought the fun to every single event, but also had the ability to be serious when facing an issue, was none other than Spencer. There were times when Spencer caused some problems for Carly and others, such as when the gummy bear lamp he created for Carly burst into flames and destroyed her whole bedroom.

Spencer’s bad luck was typically shown in the objects that would explode whenever he touched them. The poor guy couldn’t catch a break but he always found a way to repair the damages. His artistry was inspirational for viewers and other characters, and as a protective older brother, Spencer never failed to defend or help Carly if she ever needed his help.

1 Freddie

Freddie was not perfect but was definitely the best character in terms of a friend, boyfriend, tech producer, and person in general.

As Freddie grew up, fans got to watch as his crush for Carly leveled out and matured, becoming less and less fixated. He was the backbone of the entire web show, always showing patience for Carly and Sam, even helping the two girls mend a friendship problem they once encountered. Freddie went out of his way for others sometimes but would stand his ground when he knew something was wrong. When Carly abruptly decided to date him after he saved her from a car accident, he later realized they shouldn’t be together at that capacity and he initiated their breakup. This must have been hard for him because of how he loved her but he could decipher right from wrong more easily than the others could.

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