Incredible Overwatch Fan Art Combines Wrecking Ball and Pokemon

Incredible Overwatch Fan Art Combines Wrecking Ball and Pokemon

A creative piece of Overwatch artwork is beginning to make the rounds, as the piece sees the hero Wrecking Ball crossing over with Pokemon.

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Overwatch fans have been waiting for the sequel for quite some time now, and with the game seemingly a fair bit away, many have been trying to keep themselves busy. For artistic players, fan art has been one way to do this, with one new piece showing an Overwatch hero entering the world of Pokemon.

While Overwatch and Pokemon crossing over obviously has some potential, as skins like Trainer Tracer and Chimchar Winston would be no-brainers, it seems unlikely that such a team-up would ever happen. Overwatch fans have shared crossover ideas for years, such as a skin that sees Widowmaker combined with Marvel’s Spider-Gwen. With six years having gone by, and the only crossovers being with other Blizzard games like Diablo and Starcraft, fan art will likely remain the closest fans ever get to such concepts.

Regardless, gamers seem determined to have Wrecking Ball crossover with the Pokemon franchise. Not only has a Wrecking Ball GX Card been created, but a new piece of fan art depicts Hammond with a massive Poke-Ball mech. Fittingly dubbed the “Poke-Ball” skin concept, the artist rendition of what the skin would look like is terrific. As mentioned in the title of the post, which comes from Reddit user amandazerepp, it makes sense that a genetically engineered hamster would find itself on the Pokemon roster.

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Wrecking Ball’s mech looks incredible in this concept, as it perfectly captures the Poke-Ball aesthetic. While there are some blue lights used to remind viewers that it is still a killing machine, the signature red and white color scheme is clearly visible alongside the guns on the Poke-Ball mech. Hammond’s own look is Pokemon-inspired, too. While he looks largely the same, one key difference is that the intelligent rodent is wearing Ash’s backpack. With it looking adorable around his neck, there is plenty to love about this fan-made cosmetic.

While the tribute to Ash and the mech design are both top notch, one commenter named Enditt had some suggestions for how to make amandazerepp’s Poke-Ball Hammond even better. For starters, Enditt would like to see the sound and light effects of a Poke-Ball appear whenever Hammond begins or stops rolling. Another suggestion would be a highlight intro that depicts the ball shaking and Hammond hopping out as if the capture had failed. The fan even wants to see the Wrecking Ball mines replaced with Voltorbs and Electrodes, showing just how creative Blizzard would be able to get with the concept.

With over 1500 upvotes thus far, this creative Overwatch skin concept is getting the love that it deserves. Though fans will likely never see it in-game, they can always return to this awesome art post to get an idea of just how great Poke-Ball Hammond would look if the skin were to become a reality.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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