KUWTK Why Fans Think Chicago Is Kim Kardashians Favorite Child

KUWTK: Why Fans Think Chicago Is Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Child

The charming mommy-daughter moment has fans thinking that Chicago is Kim’s favorite, but she has gone on the record about how close she is with Saint.

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KUWTK Why Fans Think Chicago Is Kim Kardashians Favorite Child

Fans think Chicago West is Kim Kardashian’s favorite child. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a several sweet photos on Instagram in which she was spending quality time with her daughter. The pair is in matching white outfits, and Kim appears to be speaking directly to Chicago, as she helps her tie her ballet shoes.

The photos, posted Thursday, were accompanied by a very personal sentiment from the mother of three in which she called her youngest daughter, “My twin.” Both bear a striking resemblance, resulting in fans of the reality star bestowing the post with nearly four million likes. While the charming mother-daughter moment has many believing that Chicago is Kim’s favorite child, she has gone on the record about how close she is with her son, Saint.

In 2019, Kim wrote some beautiful words praising her eldest boy. Regarding his Jurassic-themed birthday celebration, Saint’s mommy wrote on Instagram, “I have no words to describe how much I love your smile and those curls of yours Saint!” She added, “You bring so much joy into my soul. You are so kind, loving and just so thoughtful and sweet! I am so happy today if your 4th birthday and We get to celebrate how much you’ve grown! Happy birthday my sweet sweet Sainty,” Finally, she punctuated the post with an anecdote about their relationship: “(When I say to him my sweet sweet Sainty, he says back to me my sweet sweet sweet sweet Momma, the best momma in the world and the only momma I ever want! HOW CAN YOU NOT MELT AT HIS SWEETNESS).”

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When North West was born in 2013, KUWTK fans were thrilled about the baby’s arrival. As North grew up and formed a personality of her own, it became evident that she and her dad, Kanye, were like two peas in a pod – at least, according to Kim. The star repeatedly noted in interviews how similar her daughter and husband were. When Saint West was born in 2015, his resemblance to his older sister was uncanny. Over time, however, Kim noted that Saint was a little more chill and had a lot of her personality traits. Since her son was born, two additional Kardashian-West children were delivered via surrogate. In an exclusive interview with E!, the superstar mom confessed that she believes her youngest child, Psalm, is the reincarnation of her late father, Robert Kardashian. The two share many physical similarities and behaviors. That leaves little Chicago as the one kid who fans were still in the dark about until now. Chicago is the spitting image of her mother. Saint may have his mom’s vibe, but Chicago looks the most like Kim. Perhaps that’s why everyone thinks she’s the new favorite.

Kim Kardashian West seems to be doing a wonderful job as a mother. It’s not easy for women to balance the stress of continuing their education, running a company, and raising happy, well-adjusted children, but she’s holding it down. Some people believe that parents have favorite children. It remains to be seen whether Chicago has moved into the top spot in Kim’s heart, or whether Saint is still her special little buddy. The kind way that she interacts with ALL of her kids makes it pretty hard to judge. Now that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is in its final season, these photos are a treasure to viewers and will keep Kim and her family in their hearts for years to come.

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