League of Legends The Ruined Kings Story & Connections Explained

League of Legends: The Ruined King’s Story & Connections Explained

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a spin-off RPG releasing in 2021. Here’s everything fans should know about its story and connections.

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League of Legends The Ruined Kings Story & Connections Explained

Ruined King is an upcoming League of Legends spin-off that’s set to release in 2021. It’s a single-player turn-based RPG featuring some of the most iconic champions from the original MOBA game. The story is also closely tied to lore and history already present in League of Legends. Here’s everything fans should know about the story and connections in the upcoming Ruined King.

There are already some big-name characters confirmed for Ruined King. Ahri, Yasuo, Braum, and Miss Fortune are all featured in the game. They’re some of the most iconic heroes used in marketing and other media, so it makes sense for them to be in Ruined King. Pyke is another confirmed character, which makes sense because much of Ruined King’s story will take place in Pyke’s hometown of Bilgewater. Illaoi, the prophet of the Great Kraken, is also confirmed and makes a natural addition to the game since Bilgewater is a port town.

Bilgewater is already a location in League of Legends, so longtime fans should already be fairly familiar with it. Characters from Ruined King, like Illaoi and Miss Fortune, are already the focus of ancillary stories that take place in Bilgewater. The port town is home to a variety of people, including smugglers and serpent hunters. Overall, it should make an interesting setting for a single-player RPG like Ruined King, since it’s a town with a long history and colorful characters.

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Ruined King’s Lore Connections To League Of Legends

Outside of Bilgewater, players will also be taken to the Shadow Isles, in order to discover the secret behind the deadly Black Mist. In League of Legends’ lore, the Shadow Isles were once known as the Blessed Isles and was a home to an enlightened civilization. Over a thousand years ago, the Black Mist appeared and the Shadow Isles (as they were now called) became known as a cursed and haunted place.

In Tales of the Black Mist, an event known as the Harrowing is explained. The Harrowing is when the many spirits of the Black Mist come out to prey on unsuspecting and innocent souls. The Black Mist has even corrupted a number of League of Legends champions, like Lissandra and Zed. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in Ruined King, as well as if it’s connected to the upcoming League of Legends MMO. The Black Mist and Shadow Isles are a cursed part of the game’s lore, so perhaps the champions in Ruined King will be able to put an end to the Black Mist once and for all.

Overall, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story looks like a great single-player game that should shed more light on interesting parts of the series’ lore. It’s strongly connected to the MOBA game already, with several champions and locations appearing in the upcoming RPG, which should release in 2021.

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