Looney Tunes More Popular On HBO Max Than Game of Thrones

Looney Tunes More Popular On HBO Max Than Game of Thrones

HBO’s newly launched streaming network has a surprise hit on its hands, surpassing even the monstrous popularity of Game of Thrones after only 4 days.

You Are Reading :Looney Tunes More Popular On HBO Max Than Game of Thrones

Looney Tunes More Popular On HBO Max Than Game of Thrones

Looney Tunes is more popular on HBO Max than Game of Thrones. With many subscription streaming services currently doing better than usual as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, now appears to be the time for new shows to launch.

Of course, this is easier said than done, due to the fact that so many productions were halted when lockdowns came into place over the course of the past several months. Some programs had the good fortune to already have been shot and edited before the world came to a somewhat unprecedented halt, allowing for them to be aired as usual. What’s more, some streaming services have also been able to officially launch during this time, giving the locked down customer base an opportunity to try out something new. One such service is AT&T Inc.’s much-anticipated HBO Max. For many, an HBO streaming service was just the sort of thing they’d been waiting for. With its longstanding reputation for highly watchable programming, HBO has taken programs like Deadwood, Sex and the City, Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Game of Thrones to stratospheric heights while maintaining a devoted viewership.

Now with the launch of HBO Max, however, the biggest surprise so far has been which one of the network’s programming choices is the most popular. The network’s demographic has long been an adult one, but according to a new report from Bloomberg, in the short time that HBO Max has been up and running, the service’s most popular program has been the reboot of Warner Bros. Animation’s iconic Looney Tunes cartoon. As a matter of fact, the new series has been so popular with subscribers that it’s managed to become the service’s most in-demand program. This is no small feat, considering that a program as massive as Game of Thrones (which is available on the service), took a backseat to Bugs Bunny and co.

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The statistics on this were compiled by Parrot Analytics, a research based firm responsible for determining the popularity of programs based on social media, fan ratings and piracy. Looney Tunes fans have also made it the second most popular series in the first four days of its debut, just behind Disney’s The Mandalorian. Clearly, this is a massive win for HBO Max, as its previous status of appealing mainly to an adult demographic was seen by some as a potential hurdle to surpass, particularly when services like Netflix and Disney+ have such variety. What’s more, the program’s success is a firm indication of how beloved Looney Tunes is and how its power continues to thrive while creating a modern day fanbase.

It’s still early days for Looney Tunes at present, meaning that there is a possibility that the four day popularity of the series won’t necessarily be maintained. Many people who were familiar with the classic Looney Tunes animation may have tuned in simply to see if it measures up. None the less, the success of the series isn’t all that surprising, considering how much time and thought Warner Bros. Animation has put into it. The series harkens back to the roots of the classic animation program, and that same magic has surely helped make it irresistible to an entire new generation of fans.

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