LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

LOST: 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

Lost was a hit show on ABC. While it had a lot of fun twists and turns, sometimes it went too far. Here are some confusing aspects of its timeline.

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LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

When fans first sat down to watch the pilot episode of Lost, no one expected it to turn into one of the biggest philosophical shows on TV. Everyone thought they would be watching a bunch of characters trying to survive after being involved in a plane crash. No one would have guessed the island they crashed on would essentially be a time machine.

As soon as the writers began messing with the timeline, this was the moment fans got confused. There were flashbacks, flashforwards, flash-sideways, even time jumps. The chronology and structure of the show got so bad that some fans are still confused by certain events and seasons. Take these 10 moments as examples…

10 Detonation Of The Jughead

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

In the season 5 finale, fans were left on a cliff-hanger after Juliet detonated the Jughead bomb. When season 6 premiered, everyone thought that Jack’s plan had worked since the plane didn’t crash on the island. However, it appeared the bomb had created a paradox as it had also brought them back to the present on the island.

Question is – if Juliet hit the radioactive core then why did the survivors feel no side effects? They were close to the site when it exploded would have had detrimental effects on a person. Since they had none, could something else have brought them back?

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9 The Misdirection Episodes

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

Another aspect of the show that confused fans was the misdirection episodes. When the writers chose to include flashbacks, they made sure they were effective and clear. It was when they combined them with the flash-forwards did the ambiguity begin.

Take “Ji Yeon” for example. For this episode, the writers misled fans by suggesting Jin gets off the island with Sun. As Sun was giving birth in the hospital, it looked as if Jin was rushing to be at her side. However, it turned out Jin’s arc was occurring in the past and Sun’s in the future. This wasn’t made clear until the end, which frustrated fans.

8 How Long Were They On The Island? (first time)

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

In the first four seasons of the show, the viewers witnessed a cave-in, a birth, an appendectomy, a smoke monster, a few romances, and a few deaths. They also witnessed several survivors engaging in gunfights and kidnappings too. However, doesn’t it seem crazy when you realize that all this occurs within 108 days?

When you think about it this way, doesn’t it seem alarming that half the characters were confessing their love for one another after two months? Or the fact that some characters believed they had met their soulmates within weeks? It seems a little quick.

7 The Frozen Wheel In The Wall

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

Another aspect of the show that confused fans was the frozen wheel in the wall. In season 4, fans got the impression the island was no ordinary place when Ben was able to move it with the turn of a wheel. Here, he moved the island to 2001, 2007, 1954, 2004, 1988, 1974, and 1867.

Back in 2007, Ben also managed to transport himself off the island with the Oceanic Six, landing in Tunisia. To this day, no one knows why the island had to be moved in the first place…

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6 Why Was Everyone Split Up In Season 5?

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

In the season 5 episode “316,” the Oceanic Six make their return to the island. However, the flight didn’t exactly go to plan when half the group was teleported back in time to 1977 while the others remained in the present. From this point on, the writers divided the episodes between them equally.

While people liked the DHARMA episodes, the biggest issue the fans had was the lack of reunion Sun and Jin had. They couldn’t help but wonder why were Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley could travel back to the past but not Sun.

5 The Non-Linear Flash-Forwards

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

Out of all the seasons, most fans will agree that the fourth one was the most disjointed of all. Not only were there flashbacks but the writers had also decided to implement flashforwards too. The structure became even more complicated when fans realized they weren’t in chronological order.

For instance, in “Eggtown,” Kate and Jack argue about his refusal to see Aaron. In “Something Nice Back Home,” Jack is seen helping to raise him. However, in the episode “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1,” he discovers Aaron is his nephew. With the show also cutting back to how they got rescued, it did become a bit of a mess.

4 How Long Were They On The Island? (second time)

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

As aforementioned, the Oceanic Six made their return in season 5 to rescue the remaining survivors. This storyline lasted two years, elapsing into the sixth season where Kate and Sun managed to reunite with Claire and Jin. However, did you realize that the events of season 5 and 6 occurred over two weeks?

It comes as a great surprise to some fans when they realize that season 5 was meant to span across four days and season 6 was meant to be ten. It kind of makes you realize why the jughead bomb plot was dragged out.

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3 The Flash-Sideways

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

In the opening of season 6, the writers introduced the concept of the flash-sideways after leading fans to believe the hydrogen bomb had reset the timeline. However, fans soon discovered that all the detonation did was create an alternative timeline as Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley were still on the island.

For weeks, the viewers tried to work out the importance of this timeline as it seemed to not correlate with the main plot. However, the final episode revealed that this timestream did not exist. It was something conjured up by the islanders so they could meet up again after they died.

2 Were They Dead The Whole Time?

LOST 10 Most Confusing Aspects Of The Timeline

One of the biggest questions that remained long after the show finished was whether the survivors of 815 had been dead the whole time. This confusion came about in the closing minutes when Christian started talking about the Losties creating a purgatory so they could all meet up and move on. This led some to believe he was talking about the island.

To clarify – everything that occurred on the island did happen. Claire, Kate, and Sawyer did go home, Hurley did become the new protector, and Jack did die. The ‘purgatory’ was the flash-sideways.

1 How Did They All Move On Together?

While most people understood the Losties were dead in flash-sideways, there was still a little confusion over how they could all move on together. In “LA X,” fans will remember Juliet’s last words were about her and Sawyer getting coffee, which echoed their reunion in “The End.”

When Jack died, his alter-self had reunited with his friends and was moving on. However, since Sawyer, Kate, Claire, and Hurley were still alive during these instances, fans were confused as to how they could be there also. The only solution fans came up with was that time didn’t exist in the flash-sideways.

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