Mandalorian Theory The Force Created Baby Yoda (Because Of Anakin)

Mandalorian Theory: The Force Created Baby Yoda (Because Of Anakin)

Based on the belief that the Force created Anakin in Star Wars, a new theory suggests The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda was born from a similar method.

You Are Reading :Mandalorian Theory The Force Created Baby Yoda (Because Of Anakin)

Mandalorian Theory The Force Created Baby Yoda (Because Of Anakin)

Many details surrounding Baby Yoda remain unclear in The Mandalorian, but one fan theory suggests that “The Child” was created by the Force to balance Anakin Skywalker’s birth. Baby Yoda was first introduced to the Star Wars franchise in The Mandalorian, Disney+’s first live-action series, and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. Anakin was a key figure in George Lucas’ original trilogy as a child destined to balance the Force, who grew up to become the feared Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Both Baby Yoda and Anakin have connections to the Force, but there’s evidence that even their births are linked.

Baby Yoda is an infant member of Yoda’s unknown species within the Star Wars galaxy. When expert bounty hunter Din Djarin is hired by an Imperial remnant to track down an “asset,” the Mandalorian discovers that his target is actually just a child. Baby Yoda is wanted for nefarious reasons by the hidden members of the fallen Empire, and Din decides to take the Child back after delivering him to the mysterious client. Now acting as his primary guardian, Din plans to take care of the Child while returning him to his where he belongs.

Aside from being Force-sensitive, not much has been revealed about the powerful infant. Baby Yoda’s age is a major indicator that links to key events in the Star Wars universe. The fact that The Mandalorian season 2 will feature key canon figures like Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, and Bo-Katan Kryze, also suggests that the storyline will tie-in to notable franchise storylines. That said, it seems very possible that Baby Yoda has a lot in common with one of the franchise’s most complicated figures.

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Anakin Skywalker & Baby Yoda Are The Same Age

Mandalorian Theory The Force Created Baby Yoda (Because Of Anakin)

The Mandalorian season 1 is said to take place five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Taking into account the 9 ABY (after the Battle of Yavin) setting and the fact that Baby Yoda is 50 years old, his birth date was roughly around 41 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin). Star Wars canon has stated that Anakin was born 41 years prior to the mission focused on stealing the Death Star plans. That means that both Baby Yoda and Anakin were born sometime in 41 BBY, which doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Granted, series creator Jon Favreau could have thrown in this particular detail as a callback to one of the most compelling characters in the franchise, but more than likely it was a plot point with deliberate intent. The Mandalorian effectively exists as its own entity, but the series also incorporates elements from the films and other canon material. There will surely be more movie connections intertwined with the show’s plot, and it will be interesting to see if the franchise’s most beloved newcomer is linked to the “Chosen One.”

Anakin’s Creation Is Still Vague In Star Wars

Mandalorian Theory The Force Created Baby Yoda (Because Of Anakin)

To figure out where the Child came from, it’s important to look back at Anakin’s creation. The details surrounding Anakin’s birth has been a topic of discussion among Star Wars fans for quite some time. The boy was born to Shmi Skywalker, a slave from the planet Tatooine. It was revealed in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace that a father wasn’t involved in Anakin’s conception. Shmi told Qui-Gon Jinn that she believed her son was born from the midichlorians, an intelligent life form with connections to the Force. Following that revelation, many fans believed that Anakin was created by the Force, but others weren’t so keen on that explanation.

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One particular theory that gained momentum during the Star Wars prequel trilogy suggested that Emperor Palpatine had a hand in Anakin’s birth. In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine had a conversation with Anakin about Darth Plagueis the Wise, a Force-user who learned how to manipulate midichlorians to create life. It was then suggested that Palpatine eventually obtained this knowledge, further supporting the theory that he was responsible for the unnatural birth of Anakin. The notion that Palpatine created one of the galaxy’s most powerful Force-wielders was supported by a good portion of the fandom. The idea was even confirmed by James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis novel, but the plot point has since been deemed non-canon.

Lucasfilm has further dampened the theory by confirming that Anakin was not created by Emperor Palpatine. After Charles Soule’s Darth Vader comics revisited the theory that the Sith Lord manipulated Shmi’s pregnancy to create Anakin, a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group, Matt Martin, cleared up the confusion regarding Anakin’s origin. According to Martin, the scene that revealed Palpatine’s involvement took place in Anakin’s head, and the Story Group reiterated that the dark side is never a reliable narrator. Therefore, Anakin’s origin remains vague, but there’s still evidence that the Force was responsible for his creation.

Theory: The Light Side of the Force Created Baby Yoda To Counter Anakin

Considering Anakin’s birth is still somewhat unclear, it remains possible that the Force created The Child as a way to counter Anakin in 41 BBY. As the Chosen One, Anakin was thought to bring balance to the Force. If his conception was manipulated by Palpatine, Plagueis, or other means from the dark side, the Force could have reacted by using midichlorians to create Baby Yoda. The theory (via Reddit) connects the two figures ages as an undeniable connection, suggesting that the Force took action as a way to balance the light and dark side.

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Anakin’s powers as he transformed into Darth Vader are comparable to Baby Yoda’s abilities. He may be known as the Child, but the character is 50 years old. There’s no doubt he’s powerful, but The Mandalorian has hardly scratched the surface when it comes to his potential. Not much is known about Yoda’s species or Baby Yoda’s role in the bigger picture, bt based on the fact that there’s an entire TV series focused on the figure and Din’s mission in keeping him safe, he must be integral to the franchise as a whole.

If he was born as a response to Anakin’s creation, it’s possible that Baby Yoda’s species has a greater connection to the Force and midichlorians. Aside from the mysteries surrounding Yoda’s species, there weren’t many details regarding the figure’s own creation other than the fact that he was around for nearly nine centuries. Maybe Yoda and Yaddle were also created for the purposes of balance within the Force, which is why there are apparently so few creatures like them. Disney has been known to alter or deem certain plot points expendable so it wouldn’t be surprising for The Mandalorian to change Star Wars canon. Whether or not Baby Yoda’s birth becomes a focal point in season 2, but more details regarding his existence will surely be revealed.

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