Marvel Confirms The XMen Love Rick & Morty Too

Marvel Confirms The X-Men Love Rick & Morty, Too

Rick and Morty exist in the Marvel Universe, as one of the X-Men’s Marauders watches the popular show to relax in his downtime.

You Are Reading :Marvel Confirms The XMen Love Rick & Morty Too

Marvel Confirms The XMen Love Rick & Morty Too

The Marauders occasionally have some downtime when they’re sailing the sea while looking for mutants to save and protect. So, what do they do when they get the chance to unwind? For one mutant, the answer is fairly relatable: Watch Ricky and Morty.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the X-Men’s Marauders as of late. While the team, led by Storm and Kate Pryde, has had successful rescue missions, the latest issue ended with Pryde getting betrayed by Sebastian Shaw and left for dead. With the Black King scheming some sort of takeover, another Marauder is just trying to enjoy himself while on the dangerous missions.

In Marauders #6, the villainous Yellowjacket is literally embedded inside of the mutant Pyro, on a reconnaissance mission to Krakoa. In the issue, his written log is shown. The Ant-Man antagonist writes about how he can see Pyro’s optic nerves and observes the Marauder as he does a security sweep of the massive ship with Bishop. As Pyro digs around Emma Frost’s wardrobe and reveals a hair and nail salon aboard the ship, he soon makes his way to the ship’s theater room. Pyro is said to pour himself a couple of Long Island ice teas before watching some Rick and Morty.

While some might be excited that it’s confirmation Rick and Morty exist in the Marvel Universe, the small moment is more relatable than anything. Pyro is a reformed villain who’s doing some pretty serious work on behalf of mutantkind and Krakoa. He just wants to drink a few Long Island ice teas and watch the Adult Swim animated series. You can’t say he doesn’t deserve some downtime. Marauders #6 opens with Pyro fighting the human supremacists of Homnies Verendi – where Yellowjacket goes through one of his wounds to start his sneak attack. He is nearly choked to death before Kate pulls him away. Watching Rick and Morty is a great way for Pyro to take his mind off things and escape the dangers of his missions.

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The question remains: which episode(s) did Pyro watch? Did he watch the Pickle Rick episode? Or how about one of the many excellent Smith family team-ups? Regardless of what episode Pyro watched, it’s good to see that despite being on the water that he’s still got access to some great television shows like Rick and Morty. The yacht the Marauders ride on is full of luxury add-ons, apparently.

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