Michonnes Walking Dead Secret Is Out Now (Who Knows It)

Michonne’s Walking Dead Secret Is Out Now (Who Knows It?)

Virgil returns in The Walking Dead season 11 episode “On The Inside” as one of the few people who know Michonne’s secret about Rick Grimes.

You Are Reading :Michonnes Walking Dead Secret Is Out Now (Who Knows It)

Michonnes Walking Dead Secret Is Out Now (Who Knows It)

Warning! SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 11, episode 6

Connie and Virgil’s return to The Walking Dead means there are about to be two characters in Alexandria who know the real reason behind Michonne’s mysterious disappearance. Virgil (Kevin Carroll) was introduced to the franchise in the season 10 episode “The World Before.” After being captured by the Oceanside community, he claims to be looking for a way back to the abandoned naval base on Bloodsworth Island, where his family is supposedly hiding out with others survivors. He manages to strike up a deal with Michonne (Danai Gurira), who spares his life and agrees to take him back to the island in exchange for weapons.

It is later revealed that Virgil had inadvertently caused the deaths of his wife and children on the island, and in his grief became mentally unstable and locked up several other individuals so he didn’t have to be alone. His goal was to bring Michonne back to Bloodsworth Island so that she could help put down his zombified family members hopefully stop the justifiably angry prisoners from killing him once they had been released. Michonne ultimately opts to spare Virgil’s life again and while scavenging for supplies on the island finds proof that Rick Grimes is still alive.

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The Walking Dead season 11 episode 6, titled “On the Inside,” is all about Connie and Virgil’s return to the series. Having narrowly survived the cave explosion that separated her from the rest of the group in season 10, Connie (Lauren Ridloff) was found by Virgil and the two began traveling together. They are eventually herded inside an abandoned old house by a pack of feral cannibals so far removed from their humanity that they actually crawl around on all fours, setting the stage for one of The Walking Dead’s most ridiculous, albeit most terrifying episodes yet. In the end, Virgil is badly wounded, but they manage to escape the house of horrors just in time to be saved by the search party of Carol, Kelly, Magna, and Rosita.

With the long-running AMC series now in its final season, The Walking Dead is presumably about to reunite the only remaining characters who know that Rick Grimes may still be out there somewhere. While Michonne did tell Judith the truth before taking off, the young survivor opted not to inform the others and intentionally kept Daryl in the dark, fearing he too would leave. Unless Judith is able to get to Virgil first, it’s now more likely than ever that news of Rick’s survival will finally reach the people of Alexandria. This is especially the case because the last time anyone saw Virgil, he was heading back to Bloodsworth Island on a boat with Michonne, who never came back.

It is unknown whether Rick Grimes will return to The Walking Dead before the award-winning series finally reaches its end later this season, although fans of the character have certainly been clamoring for it. The franchise as a whole will continue, however, as actor Andrew Lincoln is set to reprise his role in a trilogy of TWD movies, while a spinoff series following the characters of Carol and Daryl is expected to air in 2023.

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