Minecraft Players LowBudget Star Wars TIE Fighter Uses Elytra & Fireworks

Minecraft Player’s Low-Budget Star Wars TIE Fighter Uses Elytra & Fireworks

Trying to avoid the necessity to purchase a premium Star Wars resource pack, a Minecraft player uses clever tricks to make a budget TIE Fighter.

You Are Reading :Minecraft Players LowBudget Star Wars TIE Fighter Uses Elytra & Fireworks

Using a clever combination of elytra and other in-game items, a Minecraft player managed to construct themselves a low-budget functional Star Wars TIE Fighter. It’s a hilarious and creative response to the popular game’s official paid Star Wars resource pack, which introduced tons of authentic content from the galaxy far, far away.

Last November, Mojang released Minecraft’s Star Wars DLC, which included atmospheric dioramas based on memorable scenes from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Mandalorian. Also offered in the paid DLC pack were character skins, reworked items, and functional spaceships, including the legendary X-Wing and TIE Fighter. The only downside is that to enjoy all the diverse variety of Star Wars-themed Minecraft stuff, one would need to purchase the DLC. This obstacle, however, was effectively overcome by an inventive player.

In a creative attempt to introduce a trace of Star Wars to Minecraft Bedrock Edition without purchasing any DLC, enterprising player irregularpin used a combination of regular items to turn their Yoda skin-clad character into a believable TIE Fighter lookalike and shared the results on Reddit. To further emphasize the impression of a low-budget resource pack, the flight was accompanied by John William’s classic Star Wars theme sung a capella. The illusion of looking at a real starfighter is so strong that it takes a good few seconds to realize it’s not an actual spaceship showing off in Minecraft skies. The trick is brilliantly simple. Using elytra (which is invisible while using the Yoda skin), irregular pin completes the TIE Fighter illusion by holding shields in both hands and Firework Rockets to propel themselves (and potentially do a little bit of air-to-ground bombing).

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Since Minecraft is a game of endless opportunities, fans of popular franchises tend to use the survival title to build their favorite structures and objects from such IPs. For instance, the Harry Potter saga was honored with a believable replica of Hogwarts castle built by a Minecraft player. The project brilliantly captures the style and magical atmosphere of the movies, with the only thing it’s lacking is a group of wizardry students flying on brooms (or, now, TIE Fighters) between its iconic towers.

Minecraft never ceases to amaze with the surprising ideas players come up with. Hardly anyone could’ve thought that the vanilla client would be so versatile in gameplay options without any mods, but the truth is that there are probably many more tricks waiting to be discovered. With that in mind, it’s quite easy to understand why the game maintains its immense popularity almost ten years later.

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