Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zenny Farming Guide

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Zenny Farming Guide

You’ll need plenty of money to fund your adventures in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, so here are some tips on how best to farm zenny.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zenny Farming Guide

When it comes to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you’ll be needing plenty of money to fund your journey and keep your character rocking the very best armor and weapons. Unlike most games, zenny doesn’t just drop from the enemies you defeat, so you’ll have to go out of your way to earn some cash.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to earn zenny and maximize the amount you earn when selling items too. Here are our top tips on how to farm zenny in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Gather Everything

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zenny Farming Guide

You will come across a lot of gathering spots while exploring the multiple areas throughout the game. While we advise against selling literally all of your items, as many will be needed for quests or forging and upgrading your weapons and armor, you can always sell the surplus items. Not to mention, some items have no use other than to be sold called “trade-in items”.

These items are quite valuable and are usually obtained from golden ore or golden bone gathering spots, but sometimes you can get lucky from other places too. Even items that don’t seem to be worth a lot can add up to a nice chunk of change if you gather enough.

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Look out For Rare Gathering Spots

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zenny Farming Guide

Rare gathering spots will emit a tinkling sound when you are close to them or take on a different appearance, such as gold ore or gold bones instead of the normal colorations. These rarer gathering spots will offer more valuable items, including trade-in items and sometimes even talismans.

Rare Monster Dens appear to have a higher rate of rewarding rare items from gathering spots, but this hasn’t been proven. Nests will always have a good supply of gathering spots around them too, so make sure you grab all of these when you’re egg hunting.

Monster Farming

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zenny Farming Guide

You’ll likely find yourself farming monsters to get parts for the weapons and armor you want, but sometimes it pays to target specific monsters to make some zenny too. Tougher and rarer monsters often have monster parts that have a decent sell price, and it’s also these kinds of monsters that often drop the valuable trade-in items too.

You can see which items each monster drops by viewing the Monsterpedia from the Field Guides menu. This will show every monster you have encountered and received from them. Additionally, rarer monsters often appear in repeatable quests that will force-spawn one on the main map of a region once accepted — this is a great way to farm monster parts. Achieving a higher score in battle will result in better drops.

Sell Your Old Gear

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zenny Farming Guide

You should be changing up your gear and weapons pretty often, as every time you encounter a new, stronger monster, you’ll be able to obtain better monster materials to create even better gear. While we recommend having more than one set of gear to deal with different circumstances, such as a cold-weather armor set on hand for when in Loloska, there’s no need to keep everything so you might as well sell most of your old stuff.

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Unsurprisingly, as you spend most of your zenny on your gear and weapons, you can get a decent amount of money back, though it’s nowhere near what you paid originally.

Complete Quests

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zenny Farming Guide

Quests are a great way to earn money and you’ll gain access to higher-level quests as your progress through the story. Subquests offer a range of zenny and valuable rewards and can easily be completed if you’re farming monsters and items anyway. Be sure to pick up as many quests as you can when they become available, but be aware of any that can only be completed at certain times.

Completing trial quests also results in some decent zenny and items, though your reward is dependant on how well you do in each battle as you’ll earn better rewards for defeating the monster in question in fewer turns.

Use Prayers and Charms

Each town has a Prayer Pot that you can use, where you can have one prayer and one charm active at any one time. You should aim to always have one of each active, as each one gives you a different kind of buff. Depending on your chosen method of zenny farming, prayers and charms can help to make the process even easier.

For example, if you plan to farm items from gathering spots, the Gathering Prayer will increase the chance of finding rare items a little. You can also pair it with the Gathering Charm to increase your chances even further.

Most importantly, we recommend that before selling off any old gear or farmed items/materials, you should use a Selling Charm, which increases the selling prices of all items.

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