Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Naruto: 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

The Akatsuki has been a dominant force in the shinobi world throughout the course of Naruto. These are the best moments involving its members.

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Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Consisting of rogue ninjas from all over the Shinobi world, the villainous group known as the Akatsuki has caused plenty of havoc in Naruto. Their relentless quest to capture the Junchuriki has caused mayhem everywhere they go, as they feud with many of Naruto’s most prominent characters.

While the members of the Akatsuki work towards a common goal, each individual is unique in their own right. Naruto scenes featuring the Akatsuki range from epic to heartwrenching, and show just how diverse, complex, and compelling each member is.

10 Sasori’s Army of Puppets

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Despite being the first Akatsuki member to fall, Sasori still plays a huge part in the early goings of Shippuden. His fight against Sakura and Chiyo is one of the more noteworthy battles in Shippuden and even shows him utilizing his excellent puppetry skills, including a rather magnificent technique.

Called the Red Secret Technique, Sasori summons a scroll from his back and releases a hundred chakra strings that pull the scroll open. Using this technique against Sakura and Chiyo, Sasori brings forth an army of a hundred puppets wearing red cloaks to subdue his two opponents.

9 Hidan Finishes Off Asuma

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Hidan gets decapitated during his fight with Asuma and his squad when Asuma manages to cut HIdan’s head off. However, thanks to his immortality, HIdan survives after reattaching his head to his body. With Asuma already severely wounded, Hidan seizes the opportunity to finish off the jonin for good.

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After drawing his Jashin circle on the ground, Hidan ingests some of Asuma’s blood, then stabs his own heart with his Retractable Spear. By wounding himself, he also kills Asuma in front of Shikamaru and the others, making for one of the most tragic scenes in Naruto history.

8 Kisame Holds His Own Against Killer B

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Kisame wields a powerful, sentient sword in Samehada, which has the ability to absorb chakra from opponents and give it to its wielder. He faces a big challenge with his sword in a fight against the host of the eight-tailed beast, Killer B.

During the fight, Samehada consumes Killer B’s tailed beast chakra, nullifying the Junchuriki’s attacks and later healing Kisame’s wounds. Kisame fuses with his sword and summons a water dome, looking to prevent B from escaping by cutting off his limbs. Even after Samehada betrays him due to B’s chakra, Kisame tries to hold his own until the Fourth Raikage intervenes.

7 Tobi Reveals Himself

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

This is a pivotal moment in Naruto that partially sets up the next phase of Shippuden. Tobi, who is a Naruto villain fans love for his goofball attitude, drops his act completely in front of Kakashi and takes a more serious disposition. Kakashi notices Tobi’s Sharingan, which leaves behind a small hint about Tobi’s identity.

Later on, Tobi has an encounter with Sasuke, who had already killed Itachi. Tobi reveals that he survived the downfall of the Uchiha clan before showing Sasuke his Sharingan after removing his mask. Formerly the Akatsuki’s comic relief, Tobi anoints himself as the group’s most formidable foe.

6 Itachi and Kisame Arrive at Konoha

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

The Akatsuki’s first foray in Naruto occurs in the original series when Itachi and Kisame arrive at Konoha. Going on a mission to kidnap Naruto, their ominous presence quickly acquires the attention of a pair of jonin, Kurenai and Asuma, two of the best teachers in Naruto.

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To prevent Itachi and Kisame from advancing into the Leaf Village, Kurenai and Asuma both work together to take the Akatsuki duo down. Eventually, Kakashi joins in on the fight, only to be taken out by Itachi’s Sharingan jutsu. After Might Guy shows up, Itachi and Kisame both make their retreat as they spare their opponents.

5 Kisame’s Shark Suicide

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Might Guy vs. Kisame is one of the more memorable fights in Naruto. It sees Guy pushing himself to the limit and unleashing the Seventh Gate, as he uses his Daytime Tiger technique to defeat Kisame for good. But during his execution following his defeat, Kisame would go out in a rather gruesome style.

To prevent Naruto and company from reading his mind and finding out about the Akatsuki leader’s identity, Kisame breaks free from Yamato’s wood release and uses the Water Prison Technique. He summons three sharks and allows them to devour him, sacrificing his own life for the sake of the Akatsuki.

4 Obito Duels With A Former Friend

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Obito’s fight with Kakashi is one of the more poignant fight scenes in Naruto, featuring two former childhood friends battling against each other. The two duke it out in the Kamui dimension, their long-standing rivalry reaching its peak as emotions run high.

After being pierced by a Fuma Shuriken and Lightning Cutter, respectively, Obito and Kakashi forfeit using their Genjitsu and rely on more physical attacks. As the fight plays out, the two reflect upon their friendship and the times they fought as kids as well as how much they had changed over time.

3 Pain Kills Jiraya

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Hoping to seek more information about the Akatsuki, Jiraiya goes on a mission to the Hidden Rain Village. There he meets Pain, who reminds him of his former Amegakure disciple Yahiko, and does battle against him. Little does he know that in this battle, he will ultimately meet his end.

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Pain uses his Animal Path Rinnegan to his aid, while Jiraiya infers about the Akatsuki leader’s true identity. Near the battle’s end, Jiraiya’s throat gets crushed by one of the Paths, and soon he gets impaled through the back. Pain originally chooses to leave Jiraiya for dead, but they force him to drown as they try to prevent Fukasaku’s escape.

2 Itachi Connects With Sasuke

Naruto 10 Best Moments Featuring the Akatsuki

Sasuke and Itachi have had a long-standing sibling rivalry, which culminated in an epic clash between the two brothers in Konoha. But it’s an act by the elder Uchiha after the battle that makes for one of Shippuden’s most touching moments.

Down to his dying breath, Itachi crawls over to Sasuke, who is completely exhausted. He pokes his brother in the forehead, something that he would do in his younger years as a sign of affection. When taking into consideration Itachi’s true intentions to murder the Uchiha clan, this moment becomes all the more emotional.

1 Pain Levels Konoha

Pain arrives at Konoha in the hopes of finding Naruto somewhere in the Leaf Village and capturing the nine-tails beast. But as he learns from Tsunade, much to his chagrin, Naruto is nowhere to be found. Disgruntled, Pain declares that Konoha shall know pain.

Instructing Konan and the five other Paths to leave the village at once, Pain’s Deva Path hovers in the sky and unleashes the powerful Shinra Tensei on the Leaf Village. The destruction is massive and widespread. The chilling image of Pain floating above the destroyed village is one of the more notable images that Naruto fans will remember.

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