Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Naruto: 15 Neato Facts You Didn’t Know About Boruto

True fans of Naruto and Boruto are going to be blown away. These hidden secrets and facts are too cool!

You Are Reading :Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Throughout the story of Naruto, Naruto himself has faced many hardships, enough to put his life on the line countless times. Years down the line Naruto survived all of his hardships and achieved his dream and eventually he finds himself with a family that he can call his own.

Boruto: The Next Generation isn’t another story of a boy who wants to become Hokage of his village, but more of a story of a boy trying to find his place in life, and where he belongs in the ninja system.

Boruto spent most of his life with the attention of his father and the people around him giving him eyes when he needed them. Still, as his father became Hokage of the village his whole world turned upside down. He not only got denied the attention he so desperately wanted, but slowly began to detest the Hokage title for taking his father away from him.

On his journey, he slowly discovered who he is not just as a person, but as a ninja as well. He learned from many different mentors and gained new friends along the way this young ninja must face a horrible destiny someday, a destiny that will shake and twist the current ninja world they live in.

There are many surprising and shocking mysteries to this young boy and only more to see as this ninja’s tale unfolds.

It’s time to find out the hidden secrets of this spiky-haired yellow ninja.

15 Boruto’s Dōjutsu Are Kind Of A Rip Off…

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Sometime after Naruto first merged with the Nine-Tails during the 4th Great Ninja War, we learned more about the abilities he would gain and the different levels of chakra he could access after accepting Kurama’s chakra. The Jōgan is a lot like the Byakugan, having the ability to see the chakra pathway system. But, where Kurama and Jōgan are similar, is their negative emotion sensors — the ability to sense danger before it happens. Naruto was able to utilize this power and save many lives on the battlefield. Boruto is still discovering what the ability is for himself. Boruto can’t comprehend the Jōgan entirely yet, but he can see the negative aura around someone who is in a bad state of mind or in danger.

14 Forgotten Talent

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

In the Naruto universe, there are tons of heroes and villains alike with ridiculous powers, Some of these characters have created the worst circumstances the series has ever seen. Before the ending of the original Naruto series, Masashi Kishimoto forgot to give Boruto the Byakugan. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t have been an issue, but considering Boruto would eventually get a series of his own, changes things quite a bit. Boruto not having the Byakugan changes a lot for his character. For example, being unable to use the Byakugan hurts his fighting abilities, along with his ability to maximize his potential. Thankfully Kishimoto later corrected himself by giving Boruto a new type of Dōjutsu called Jōgan. A never before seen Kekkei Genkai that resembles a lot in ability and appearance that of the Byakugan.

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13 They Stole It From Dragon Ball

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

When looking at a show as iconic and as successful as Naruto, sometimes we often think about how the creators produced this content. Creating an original story is hard, and —with almost every idea being taken— almost nothing is original. Naruto and Boruto: The Next Generation, have a surprising amount of references to the series Dragon Ball Z. One that really stands out is the inspiration for Sasuke and Boruto’s relationship. Their dynamic was inspired by Picollo and Gohan’s relationship — surprise! It’s odd to think of Sasuke as a mentor to anyone, considering half of the time in Naruto he was portrayed as a very misunderstood character and took the position of being a major villain later on becoming the deciding factor of what would happen to the ninja world.

12 Boruto’s Whiskers Aren’t Related To Kurama

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

What are Naruto’s whiskers? and why did Boruto inherit them? In the original concept for Naruto, Naruto’s character was the Nine-Tailed fox being able to transform into a smaller Nine-Tailed fox at will. What’s really interesting is that Boruto didn’t inherit any of Kurama’s chakra or abilities, the whiskers come from inheritance. The only other ninjas who have ever had similarities to Boruto and Naruto’s whiskers are the gold and silver brothers, Kinkaku and Ginkaku. The two brothers both had Nine-Tails’ chakra from eating the flesh of the Nine-Tails after being eaten following their failed attempt to capture him. Under normal circumstances, the whiskers are usually a sign that one holds Kurama’s chakra, but —in Boruto’s case— he holds none of Kurama’s abilities or chakra.

11 Stronger Then He Needs To Be

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Being the son of a man who, in his youth, struggled to succeed, you wouldn’t expect Boruto to be so overwhelming as a ninja. Boruto is an extremely powerful ninja even among his subordinates … If you consider the fact that the Boruto series didn’t start too long ago, and he already has a big arsenal of powerful jutsu. Boruto has also created his own form of Vanishing Rasengan that has increased in power over time. Boruto may indeed have the prodigy status of someone like Kakashi or Minato. Not only did he learn a lightning style jutsu at the age of 8, but he’s learned Wind Release: Gale Forces as well. Couple all this with his powerful jutsu his fighting ability, and being able to use both Taijutsu and Kenjutsu at such an early age, and it’s easy to appreciate him. Boruto is a strong yet flawed fighter and his ability to read a situation and react to it helps a great deal despite his arrogance.

10 Boruto A Possible Evil?

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Could Boruto be the antagonist instead of a hero? On the surface it sounds unbelievable, to say the very least, but is it impossible? We see characters all the time inherit good and bad traits from their parents. It’s happened to Sarada, and Boruto is no exception to this rule. Boruto is still a child in the up most respect: He is childish and confident to a dangerous degree. If Boruto was raised in the same circumstances as Naruto, who grew up being hated by the village and being looked down upon by everyone, is something that could have turned his entire character upside down. Given the right circumstances, Boruto’s fear and frustration could possibly turn into hatred and anger. Naruto once hated the village and was saved by Iruka but imagining a world where Boruto had lost his loved ones is a scary thought; thinking of the destruction he could cause.

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9 Smaller Chakra Reserves Then Naruto

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Around the time Boruto first appeared at the end of Naruto their were a lot of different types of rumors going around. Would the child of Naruto and Hinata inherit the Nine-Tails’ chakra? Obviously, the answer to this question is no: Boruto did not inherit any of the Nine-Tails’ chakra. The whiskers that appear over Naruto’s face are the Nine Tails’ mark. But Boruto inherited just the whiskers from Naruto himself. Getting a good look at the chakra pathway system inside of Naruto, Boruto has seen first hand the tailed beast that lay dormant inside of his father. Boruto still has a huge amount of chakra for his age allowing him the benefit of being able to make mistakes without a huge consequence of using to much chakra.

8 Taking The Easy Way Out

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

It’s funny, but also a bit surprising, how Boruto differs so much from his father. Boruto has grown up in a good environment with a nice home; he had a warm bed to sleep in and even a lot of friends he can talk to and confide in. Still, when the series first started it wasn’t beyond Boruto’s code to cheat or take the easy way out to achieve what he wanted. Boruto strives for the attention of his father just like most of the Hokage’s children such as Konohamaru has done in the past. In the chunin exam preliminaries, Boruto was caught cheating multiply times and then soon after caught by his father. He learned the error of his ways learning that you don’t achieve success by shortcuts or tricks, but by perseverance and hard work.

7 The First Jōgan User

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

It’s always generally interesting when we learn about new and different types of dōjutsu. The Byakugan had an impactful entrance as did the Sharingan which was revealed very early in the series. Being the first Jōgan user in the history of shinobi gives Boruto a huge advantage when it comes to fighting and lets him utilize his fighting abilities. Boruto hasn’t gained the ability to use it on command yet, but it responds to negative and dangerous situations. Having an ability that can literally tell you who your threats are along with being able to see into different dimensions makes Boruto a very flexible fighter. There isn’t that much information on the Jōgan yet, but from what we already know we can expect nothing but good things from this rare dōjutsu.

6 Boruto Is Talented

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Boruto is a graceful and talented shinobi. If I were to tell you this at the beginning of the Naruto series would you believe it? For better or for worse, Naruto is a clumsy and goofy guy that had to work hard for everything he has ever earned. Unlike his father Minato, and his son Boruto, Boruto has achieved many great feats that have gained him much recognition already. Being able to use three different types of nature releases along with his rapid rate of growth, Boruto will without a doubt make a mark in the ninja world someday. Although he is somewhat cocky about his natural abilities which may put a halt in his ability to grow as a shinobi, he’s still young and has much to learn from his mentors.

5 First Of His Kind

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Over a year ago before Naruto and the rest of the current cast had children, Masashi Kishimoto only intended to have Sasuke and Naruto have children with Sakura and Hinata. Eventually, he changed his mind and added more parents. As Naruto and the rest of the cast started having kids, different possibilities started to become reality such as Boruto. Boruto has the blood of a Hyuga and an Uzumaki giving him not only great genes and a strong Kekkei Genkai but the preserves of chakra to keep himself in the fight long after someone else would have reached their limit. Boruto is also the first member of the Hyuga and Uzumaki clan to achieve Jōgan a rare Dōjutsu that is related somewhere down the Hyuga bloodline that has never been achieved.

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4 Like Father Like Son

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

Throughout Boruto: The Next Generation we get to see Boruto on his adventures to find his own path, but one thing that stays with him is the fact that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Boruto is a lot like his father they are both very loud and project their feelings onto others quite often. In many ways, Boruto is much more discreet than his father. Naruto, in the day, was known to punch someone in the face if he felt they were being disrespectful or out of line. Boruto doesn’t yell as much as his father did in his younger days, but he still has his own code to do the right thing. Boruto and Naruto surprising have similar verbal tics, Boruto’s being “dattebasa” which is very similar to his father’s which is “dattebayo” which can be heard at the end of their sentences in the Japanese versions respectively.

3 In Sickness And In Health…

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

If you are a long time Naruto fan, then you’ll notice there is usually a pattern when it comes to romantic relationships in the Naruto universe. On more then one occasion there is a love triangle or a forgotten love. The main character falls in love with the female lead, but she is completely disinterested in him.

Sasuke’s daughter Sarada having no notable romantic feelings was a nice change from the usual love triangle that we usually see. In a lot of ways, Boruto and Sarada get along, and tend to make up for some of their short comings as well. Still, they’re cute together and the dynamic leaves us waiting for the chance to see these two characters interact some more.

2 Boruto Throws It All Away

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

In Naruto, it kind of seems like a tradition that the son or daughter of a past Hokage always takes the throne at some point or another. Being overshadowed by the Hokage can be tough, and that is usually the main reason why most people want the title. Still, Boruto is particularly different. I was surprised how the creators chose to develop Boruto as a character. When you consider Naruto and Boruto’s position, your first thought is that the son would take the throne of Hokage some day. However, in this case, the protagonist of the new series decides to talk his own path.

1 What’s In A Name?

Naruto 15 Neato Facts You Didnt Know About Boruto

I think it’s pretty safe to say that by the end of Naruto, Kishimoto was starting run short on ideas and names for characters. At some point in every creator’s career, they have trouble coming up with new and good ideas, but Kishimoto’s naming sense for the kids of the generation could have been much better. When he was beginning development of Boruto, the lead character’s name was changed a few times. Menma, and Shinachiku were the first names that were changed on his character both being names for seasoned bamboo shoots. Menma would have been a bit odd considering Menma was the antagonist from Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie. Then we got Boruto which in English translates to Bolt. Boruto’s name was most likely a reference from the late Neji Hyuga whose name means “screw.”

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