Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Naruto: Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

The Naruto anime features some incredibly notorious and beloved characters, but who among the cast could be said to be the most likable?

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Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Masashi Kishimoto has successfully created many iconic characters through his beloved and hugely popular anime series Naruto. While almost all of the characters are unique in their own right, some have enamored audiences more than others.

Judging these characters by their individual personalities, character development throughout the series, contributions to storyline progression, and personal motives and philosophies, this list aims at ranking some of the most important characters in Naruto based on their likability. These characters have not only made fans smile—or in some cases, even cry—but have always kept audiences thoroughly entertained and loyal to Naruto as an anime

10 Sasuke Uchiha

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Fans have always had a love and hate relationship with Sasuke Uchiha. While many admire him for having a strong goal-oriented mindset, others have questioned his methods and the path he took to achieve those goals. However, it cannot be denied that Sasuke Uchiha is a character that cannot be ignored.

Being one of the main characters, he has not only showcased immense growth as a ninja and a person, but he has also contributed to the creation of some of the best episodes Naruto has ever premiered.

9 Rock Lee

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Despite having a clear disadvantage compared to the rest of his peers, Rock Lee has always been portrayed as a hard-working and positive individual, determined to prove himself to his sensei and the world. While many of the other characters in the show have distinct Kekkei Genkai or prowess over genjutsu and ninjutsu, Rock Lee only had the teachings and motivations of Might Guy and a little talent for taijutsu working for him.

However, he morphed this shortcoming into a strength as he worked incessantly to improve himself and become one of the most powerful taijutsu wielders in Naruto. His determination to get back on his feet, especially after his crushing defeat at the hands of Gaara during the Chunin exams, further established Rock Lee as an admirable character that fans came to adore. He even succeeded in bagging his own individual anime Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals.

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8 Shikamaru Nara

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Shikamaru is a character known for his intellect, as well as an ironical inclination towards procrastinating despite having tremendous potential. However, it is these traits of his that make him a unique character loved by so many.

Furthermore, he has never been hesitant of associating himself with Naruto in spite of the rest of the village shunning the young Uzumaki. This kind and brazen stance of Shikamaru’s has further endeared him with fans. His dynamics with Asuma Sarutobi, as well as other characters like Temari, make fans like Shikamaru all the more.

7 Pain (Nagato) & Iruka Umino

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

While there are very few similarities between one of the most intelligent villains and most affable teachers from Naruto, they seem to enjoy a shared consensus as far as fan approval and liking are concerned. Pain’s philosophy toward life and his experiences that motivated these philosophies forces fans to sympathize with the fallen ninja. An antithesis to Naruto, Pain/Nagato’s experiences demands empathy, voluntarily given by both Naruto and the fans. His final act of reviving the population of Konoha by performing the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique redeems Pain and makes him a hugely liked character.

Iruka, on the other hand, is sparsely showcased in the show despite being an influential figure in Naruto’s life. It was his love and care that kept the young Naruto sane in a world that treated him with contempt. Iruka acted as the exact person that Pain lacked. From little things like treating Naruto to Ichiraku Ramen to the brave act of protecting Naruto from Mizuki’s Fuma Shuriken, Iruka won the hearts of many regardless of his poor character development. Quite deservedly, Iruka Umino is the best man for Naruto, as well as many ardent fans.

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6 Hinata Hyuga

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Hinata Hyuga has always been a well-liked character in Naruto. Her unabridged devotion towards Naruto, as well as her soft-spoken and cooperative nature, earn her brownie points from fans. The only drawback that Hinata seemed to showcase was her lack of self-confidence, though fans could not help but love her even more every time she overcame her fears and expressed herself as the talented shinobi that she is.

Fans also love her chemistry with Naruto. Her shyness to express her love in words but rather in action, such as saving Naruto, and Naruto’s recognition and encouragement of her talents despite Hinata’s inhibitions, are dynamics that fans seem to cherish.

5 Jiraiya

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

It is not only hard but almost impossible to hate Naruto’s Ero-Sennin. Known for his wisdom, ironical tomfoolery, caring attitude, and somewhat dodgy morals, Jiraiya has earned his rightful place as a well-liked character.

Apart from being an extraordinary shinobi and the teacher of beloved characters like Minato and Nagato, Jiraiya has further achieved acclaim by acting as Naruto’s guardian and mentor. He not only helped Naruto develop a rigid sense of right and wrong—barring his perverse personality—but also had a motivating influence in the hero’s life.

4 Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Being the titular character of the show, it is quite obvious that Naruto Uzumaki is immensely loved by fans. Despite being shunned by his village during his childhood, he has time and again gone out of his way to save Konoha. His sheer will, determination, and dream to become Hokage despite being unacknowledged and demotivated are quite admirable.

Although he seems a bit naive at times, Naruto is extremely passionate, loving, and loyal, always rooting for his friends, however truant they might have become. His tendency to jump in front of danger to protect his loved ones as well as his carefree and amusing persona are characteristic traits that make fans love this character so much.

3 Minato Namikaze

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Minato Namikaze is a character that did not feature in the main storyline of the anime abundantly. However, his fan-following in Naruto cannot be denied. A hugely hyped-up character, when Naruto finally came to meet with his father, fans were not disappointed.

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Fans were already aware of Minato’s brilliant reputation as a ninja and the sacrifice he made for his village and son. However, upon finally meeting the character during the Fourth Shinobi World War, all of these allusions seemed to fall into place, making fans love him more than he already was.

2 Itachi Uchiha

Naruto Main Characters Ranked By Likability

Despite being a villain and having committed some heinous acts like the massacre of his entire clan, Itachi Uchiha is by far one of the most liked characters on Naruto. This fan adoration arguably stems from the philosophies that drive Itachi’s actions. He is someone who loved his village and his brother above anything else.

In order to protect them, Itachi was ready to do what was necessary, even if it meant committing something heinous, or being deemed a villain for the rest of his life. This antihero would readily bear any burden if it ensured the greater good. It is this selflessness, as well as his contribution to some of the most epic episodes in the anime, Itachi Uchiha deserves his high rank as a well-liked character.

1 Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is probably one character in Naruto that no fan can come to dislike. His cheerful persona, complimented with an aura of mystique is what makes this character so delightful. Despite having a troubled past and having lost everyone important to him, including Obito, Rin, his parents, and his teacher Minato, Kakashi remained on the side of good, trying to be a praiseworthy educator to the next generation of Konoha.

Although he is one of the smartest characters in Naruto, Kakashi never displays even an iota of arrogance. His undying fealty towards those he holds dear, such as Might Guy, Naruto, and, to an extent, even a wayward Sasuke, further endears the Sixth Hokage with fans.

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