New Fortnite Patch Introduces Party Hub And It Might Be A GameChanger

New Fortnite Patch Introduces Party Hub And It Might Be A Game-Changer

Epic has released a mobile app for Fortnite, Party Hub, which streamlines the way players on any console can organize parties and chat.

You Are Reading :New Fortnite Patch Introduces Party Hub And It Might Be A GameChanger

New Fortnite Patch Introduces Party Hub And It Might Be A GameChanger

Fortnite’s new patch brings along with it a new app/feature called Party Hub. The new addition to the Fortnite set-up could well change the way we play the game with others.

You might not want to admit it, but Fortnite is very much in the business of revolutionizing the gaming industry. There’s a reason more than ten million of us play it, and also why we watched more than 80 million hours of its first-ever World Cup. Whether it be breaking down crossplay barriers or crossing over with mainstream franchises, Fortnite has done a lot more good than bad.

All of that being said, it hasn’t exactly pleased its hardcore players this season. The introduction of mechs – and Epic’s reluctance to nerf them – has left something of a black mark on Season X. Hopefully, the introduction of Party Hub can help redeem the season. It’s a new app that launched this week which will likely change the way a lot of players communicate with one another.

Epic’s website describes the app as “a new feature that provides a space to link up with your friends as you prepare to drop into Fortnite.” Since it’s a mobile app, it’s largely aimed at players using that platform. It allows them to easily meet up with friends/other party members before dropping into battle. You can even prepare yourselves and chat while the game is downloading.

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This could be a game-changer for players on other platforms as well. Console and PC gamers can also use the app to assemble and chat with parties, and chatting through the app rather than the platform you’re playing on is incredibly easy. If you leave the app open while playing Fortnite on another platform, your party’s chat will transfer once the round begins. However, if you want it to remain in the app, all you need to do is tap “Transfer Voice to This Device.” Easy.

For those of us who have a regular squad we like to play alongside in Fortnite, the process of getting everyone together has just become a lot easier. Rather than heading to WhatsApp, Twitter, carrier pigeon, or however else you check everyone is or is about to be online, all you’ll need to do from now on is check Party Hub.

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