New World How to Find More Hemp (& What It’s For)

New World: How to Find More Hemp (& What It’s For)

New World tasks players with colonizing a fictional 17th-century island. Here’s how players can find more hemp plants to harvest fibers in New World.

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New World How to Find More Hemp (& What It’s For)

New World, the highly anticipated MMORPG from Amazon Games, is filled with useful resources that players can collect. One of the more important ones is Hemp, which is used for crafting clothes, bags, and armor. After several years of development, New World has officially gone through its beta period. Players have been able to experience the beginnings of the seventeenth-century colonizer-based MMO to learn about how the island of Aeternum functions.

New World puts players in the boots of a 1600s colonizer trying to carve out a life for themselves in the “New World”. The island of Aeternum is modeled after the Americas in the seventeenth century and much of the environment reflects the setting of the game. Not unlike other MMORPGs, New World features a robust gathering and crafting system. Players must learn how to gather and craft efficiently to make their gameplay more efficient, uphold settlements, and complete quests. Many resources are important in New World, but items such as silver ore and hemp fibers are especially coveted within the game.

Where To Find More Hemp In New World (& What It’s For)

Hemp is a tall, green plant with either purple flowers or brown flowers, depending on the location the plant is found. Hemp is harvested to gather fibers, which is an immensely important resource in New World. Fibers can be used in weaving, which is performed at a loom. Players can use fibers to weave cloth like linen, sateen, silk, and infused silk to make clothes, armor, and bags.

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Players harvest fibers from hemp plants by using a sickle. There are five tiers of sickles that can be crafted at a forge. The first-tier sickle, the flint sickle, is crafted by combining one unit of flint and one unit of wood at a forge station. Using the flint sickle on a hemp plant will successfully gather fibers from the plant. The high-tier sickles are forged using New World resources such as iron ingots and steel ingots.

Hemp plants can be found readily around the island of Aeternum. Hemp plants are generally clustered around certain areas, although some areas of the map contain virtually zero hemp plants. One of the areas most heavily populated with hemp plants is the region between Monarch’s Bluffs and Windsward. Players should head west from Windsward town, where they will eventually hit a river that runs north-to-south along the Windsward/Monarch’s Bluff border. There are many hemp plants surrounding this river. However, hemp can be found scattered throughout the entirety of the map, generally clustered near cities and bodies of water. If players cannot find hemp plants, it’s a good idea to follow a river! Ultimately, players will be able to find a field of hemp plants in New World.

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