New York Times Takes Down Wordle Archive Site

New York Times Takes Down Wordle Archive Site

Now you can never go back to get the words you might have missed.

You Are Reading :New York Times Takes Down Wordle Archive Site

New York Times Takes Down Wordle Archive Site

Wordle’s archival site is no more. The site previously allowed you to access and guess previous days’ words, but the site now displays a simple message saying that the party is officially over.

“Thank you for playing the Wordle Archive, and for all your nice comments and feedback that helped make the site better,” the site now reads. “Sadly, the New York Times has requested that the Wordle Archive be taken down. However, you can still play the daily Wordle over on their official site.”

As Ars Technica reports, the Wordle archive site offered up older words for fans who haven’t already been spoiled on social media. It’s been up since January but was taken down last week. A New York Times rep told Ars Technica that the Wordle archive was not authorized and represents a copyright infringement.

“The usage was unauthorized, and we were in touch with them,” the NYT rep said. “We don’t plan to comment beyond that.”

Appropriately enough, you can still access the Wordle archive site by heading to the Internet Archive site, at least for now.

So far, the New York Times hasn’t instituted a paywall on Wordle as some had feared, but it hasn’t been completely hands-off either. The publication changed Wordle’s word list a little while ago to remove rude, offensive, or obscure words, and this resulted in one day receiving two different words.

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Of course, if you’re really worried about losing access to Wordle, you can just download the whole thing and play it at your own pace. Wordle’s word list is stored locally, so downloading the app lets you play even without an internet connection.

Or how about trying Heardle? It’s a Wordle clone but instead of trying to guess the word, you try to guess the song. The game plays a short clip of the song to start with each subsequent guess adding some time to that clip. At six guesses you have a full 16 seconds to work with, but you really need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of music to play.

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