Nintendos DisneyThemed Switch Is JapanExclusive

Nintendo’s Disney-Themed Switch Is Japan-Exclusive

Nintendo has released a Japan-exclusive Disney-themed Nintendo Switch to celebrate the release of Disney Tsum Tsum Festival, a Japanese party game.

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Japan is getting its own special Disney-themed version of the Nintendo Switch.

Disney fans might be sad to hear that this new toy will only be available for Japanese buyers, according to Nintendo Life. The reason for this is that it’s available with a special new bundle celebrating the arrival of Disney Tsum Tsum Festival, a Disney-themed Switch game that follows the Tsum Tsum franchise’s penchant for being full of fun mini-games.

For those unaware, Tsum Tsum is a line of cute stuffed toys and mobile games in Japan. They’ve partnered with Disney to produce stuffed versions of Disney properties and phone games, but Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is the first time the game will take to a console like the Switch.

The game itself is very similar to Mario Party, but it has stylized Disney characters instead of Mario and company. It’s full of mini-games you can play with friends, or alone if you prefer playing mini-games in single-player. However, it has truly been branded as a party game.

Like Mario Party, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival also needs the Joy-Cons to play, so you won’t be able to use the recently-announced Switch Lite. However, Nintendo is solving that problem with a new Switch bundle specifically for the game.

The Tsum Tsum Festival Switch features purple and pink Joy-Cons along with a Tsum Tsum pattern all over the docking base. The Joy-Con’s home button has been shaped like Mickey Mouse, and the back of the Switch has even more Disney iconography.

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It will also be based on the new revised version of the Switch with a much greater battery life. Whereas the first version of the Switch had a battery that would last between 2.5 to 6.5 hours, the revised version has one that will last from 4.5 to 9 hours. It’s otherwise visually identical to the original Switch, although the Tsum Tsum version will be clearly distinguishable from the old version.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival releases October 10th, along with the new Switch Bundle. The price is 36,080 yen, which roughly equates to $330. While this version may be Japan-only, there is an unidentified likelihood that Nintendo will release another Disney-themed Switch in the West at some point in the future.

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