One Piece Episode 1000 Teaser Hypes Series Milestone

One Piece Episode 1000 Teaser Hypes Series Milestone

Funimation announces they will be hosting a special event with an anime/manga YouTuber to commemorate the release of the 1000th episode of One Piece.

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Anime streaming company Funimation recently released a teaser in anticipation of the 1000th episode of One Piece. One Piece is an anime series based on the hit manga of the same name by Eiichiro Oda. The series follows the adventures of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his search for the treasure of the “One Piece.” First published in 1997, One Piece is the best-selling manga and book-format comic of all time with 490 million copies. The anime is also among the most popular and is available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, though only the latter two have all the seasons.

One Piece premiered in Japan on Fuji TV in October 1999, and 22 years later has featured 20 seasons, 14 films, and, as of October 20th, 995 episodes. A live-action One Piece series is currently in the works at Netflix. Despite its near-1000 episodes, One Piece is only the 17th longest-running anime series of all time with the record-holding Sazae-san having released over 7500 hundred episodes since its 1969 premiere. However, One Piece is still notorious for its insane amount of episodes that would take around 16 days to binge all the way through. 1000 episodes is a huge milestone, and Funimation is already in the process of building that hype.

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Funimation released a teaser hyping up the “journey to episode 1000,” set to release on November 21st. The teaser features exciting clips of Luffy in his Gear Fourth form, Zoro using his three-sword style, and other friends and foes of their Straw Hats. In the caption, Funimation announced their “One Piece 1000 celebration” featuring anime/manga YouTuber, RogersBase, on November 20. The event will include a stream of episodes 998-999, and viewers will learn how to make Luffy’s favorite food (meat?). There will be a short break between the release of episode 999 on November 14th in anticipation of the milestone event. Check out the teaser below:

Funimation has One Piece in both English subtitled and English dubbed, and it is one of its consistently popular shows. The milestone achievement is certainly something to be celebrated, as One Piece’s “rival” anime didn’t last nearly as long. The anime is often considered one of “The Big Three” along with Naruto and Bleach, but neither compares in terms of length. Even extremely popular new-gen anime like Boruto and Demon Slayer have trouble competing with One Piece’s massive success and loyal fanbase.

One Piece doesn’t show signs of slowing down, giving many fans the chance to see the characters grow up with them. The Netflix series may even finally convert anime fans who are opposed to undertaking the massive journey that getting caught up on One Piece is. Audiences from all over will be sure to tune in when One Piece continues its journey with episode 996 on October 24th.

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