One Piece The Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruits Explained

One Piece: The Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruits Explained

Considered as the strongest type of Devil Fruit in One Piece, Logia Devil Fruit grants its users the power of elements and other abilities.

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One Piece The Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruits Explained

The complex story of One Piece can be summarized into a few words: pirates fighting to get the greatest treasure. However, this seemingly ordinary story gets astonishingly complicated as Eiichiro Oda adds a couple of interesting elements into the mix. Among Poneglyphs, different organizations, and Haki, is the existence of mythical fruits, known as Devil Fruits, that give anybody who consumes it supernatural abilities. Each fruit holds a single power, and eating two fruits at once will only result in the greedy person’s death. However, there’s a big catch. Eating a Devil Fruit takes away the person’s ability to swim and makes him weak against seawater. In the world of pirates, that’s a very big deal.

Devil Fruits are divided into three major categories: Zoan, Paramecia, and Logia. Zoan Devil Fruits allows the eater to turn into an animal. Paramecia Devil Fruits allows its consumer to turn their entire body or parts of their bodies into another matter. Luffy’s Rubber-Rubber Fruit is the prime example of this. However, there are also Paramecia Devil Fruits that simply give its eater a special ability like Buggy the Clown’s Chop-Chop Fruit, which allows him to separate his body parts. Finally, the rarest and strongest type among the three is the Logia Devil Fruits. These Devil Fruits turn their eater’s body composition to natural elements, which makes them immune to most attacks without Haki. That series has revealed that even among Logia Devil Fruits, there are sometimes a “superior” Devil Fruit.

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Lightning-Lightning Fruit

One Piece The Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruits Explained

As its name suggests, the Lightning-Lightning Fruit allows its user to completely turn himself and manipulate electricity at will. The user can freely use the electricity to attack with the maximum output being 200 million volts, which is the typical voltage of a single bolt of lightning. With the power of electricity, the user can also travel at the speed of lightning and electrocute anybody he touches. However, what makes it stand out among the rest is the function Enel has used after being beaten by Wyper.

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Wyper has successfully killed Enel with the use of Reject Dial. But after Enel lies down unconscious, he uses his ability to control electricity and start reviving himself. A few more moments and he is already up and ready to fight.

Sand-Sand Fruit

One Piece The Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruits Explained

Sand-Sand Fruit has a lot of uses. For one, this Devil Fruit allows its user to turn into sand and render most attacks useless, which is the same with other Logia Devil Fruits. The Sand-Sand Fruit user can also detect quicksand, as well as produce and control sand, which also allows the user to set-off sandstorms. Logically, the Sand-Sand Fruit user is stronger in desert areas like Alabasta. The most notable ability of the Sand-Sand Fruit, however, is that it can absorb any liquid. This allows its user to dehydrate and wither any living being simply by grasping it. But it does have one distinct weakness. Even though the Sand-Sand Fruit user can turn into sand at a moment’s notice, the sand turns solid when in contact with liquid, including blood. This means that the user becomes vulnerable to physical attacks without Haki as long as it’s been covered in liquid. This is how Luffy managed to beat Crocodile.

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Gas-Gas Fruit

One Piece The Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruits Explained

Allowing its user to become a Gas Man, the user can change into a gas-like form to float and fit into the tiniest of holes. This also allows the user to fit into smaller containers similar to when Caesar Clown hid in some flasks. As a Gas Man, the user can also produce gas at will. The gas’s chemical composition isn’t revealed in the series, but it is both highly flammable and toxic. This allows the user to create controlled explosions. The Gas-Gas Fruit also allows its user to control all the gases, including oxygen, within a certain range. This means that the user can easily suffocate and kill anybody simply by dispersing the oxygen within that range. However, the fruit also comes with few disadvantages. The user is highly vulnerable to fire, but this can be counteracted by manipulating the oxygen in the air. In order to control certain concentration of gases, the user must also solidify his body, which makes him vulnerable to attacks. Finally, his range of control is also limited.

Mag-Mag Fruit

One Piece The Most Powerful Logia Devil Fruits Explained

Mag-Mag Fruit has one of the strongest offensive power in the entire series. It has superior firepower compared to the Flame-Flame Fruit, which also explains how Akainu was able to punch through Ace despite him being a Flame Man. The fruit allows its user to turn and produce magma at will, and it’s not just a magma by name. The intense heat it produces can easily melt an iceberg and make seawater boil. Just like the other Logia Devil Fruits, the Mag-Mag Fruit user is immune to non-Haki-embedded attacks when in magma form. Not only that, but the magma’s heat is also enough to melt swords and char the attacker’s body, which makes it both a formidable lance and shield.

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Dark-Dark Fruit

Although the Dark-Dark Fruit is a Logia Devil Fruit, it doesn’t allow its user to be immune to physical attacks with its power. However, it’s still one with the strongest Logia Devil Fruits in the series. Just like its name suggests, the Dark-Dark Fruit gives its user the power of darkness. Once eaten, the user gains the ability to manipulate a black smoke that has a gravity property, which also allows the user to pull his opponents towards him. Basically, it’s like a black hole. In that sense, the user can also suck both living beings and objects into the darkness. But instead of crushing them like a real black hole, the user stores it in some sort of space and it can be expelled at a later time. What makes Dark-Dark Fruit really formidable, however, is the possibility of sucking in another Devil Fruit ability. Blackbeard, one of One Piece’s main antagonists, acquires the power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit from Whitebeard’s corpse. However, the series still hasn’t revealed how he has done it.

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