One Pieces Yamato is Powerful in Bold New Cosplay

One Piece’s Yamato is Powerful in Bold New Cosplay

In pictures shared on Twitter, a cosplayer just brought One Piece’s newest crew member, the powerful Yamato, to life in a bold new cosplay.

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A cosplayer breathed life into One Piece’s Yamato in an impressive new cosplay. Transyamato nailed every detail, down to the character’s sky-high stature (as Yamato stands at 8 feet and 8 inches tall) of the Oni Princess’s attire and gives One Piece fans a peek at what Yamato, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, would look like in real life—and it’s scary accurate.

One Piece’s Yamato made his first appearance in the manga’s Wano Country Arc. He’s a samurai who joined the Straw Hat Pirates, a pirate crew commanded by the manga’s main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. Despite being the son of Kaido, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, he holds a profound admiration for the acclaimed samurai Kozuki Oden. He admires Oden so much that he even takes on the name Kozuki Oden as an alias. Following a traumatic childhood marked by abuse at the hands of his father, he finds herself in several battles against him. Though Yamato himself uses male pronouns (even being referred to as the Son of Kaido in the manga), a recent set of informational cards released by series creator Eiichiro Oda has made Yamato’s gender identity harder to pin down. Regardless of how Yamato identifies though, cosplay affords people the freedom to pay homage to their favorite fictional characters in any way they please.

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Twitter user Transyamato, who uses it/its pronouns, on Twitter shared pictures of its Yamato cosplay and perfectly captured every aspect of the character’s intricate costume. Transyamato even donned high-heels to replicate Yamato’s towering frame. Aside from duplicating the character’s height, Transyamato wore a brightly-colored wig that was nearly identical to the samurai’s stunning white-to-green-to-blue ombré mane adorned by vivid red horns. Transyamato truly brought the character to life and received numerous comments lauding the cosplayer’s attention to detail.

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In ongoing conversations in the comments section of the social media post, Transyamato even teases plans to make Yamato’s signature weapon—a powerful black club that samurais in medieval Japan used to assist them in fighting their enemies—called a kanabō. These clubs were often spiked or studded (much like the one Yamato uses in the manga). Her kanabō serves to maximize her already-superhuman strength.

It’s unclear in the comments of when Transyamato plans to expand upon its Yamato cosplay, but whenever that does happen, it’ll certainly be epic. One Piece and more specifically Yamato fans will just have to be patient.

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