Overwatch Doomfist Punches In

Overwatch: Doomfist Punches In

Doomfist has finally been revealed as the 25th playable hero in Overwatch. Players can test him out on the PTR right now!

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After posting a teaser for Doomfist just two days ago, Blizzard has officially revealed him as the latest hero coming to Overwatch. Along with an animated short, Jeff Kaplan, the head of the Overwatch team, has released a Developer Update going into detail about Doomfist in terms of gameplay and lore.

While there is no official release date for the proper release of Doomfist, he is available to play in the PTR (Public Test Realm) on PC. Based on his abilities and early reception from the community, he seems like one of the most fun heroes to play as.

Overwatch Doomfist Punches In

In the world of Overwatch, there is a conflict between the Overwatch group and the terrorist organization known as Talon. After learning that Talon helped Doomfist (real name Akande Ogundimu) escape from his prison, it turns out that he is a very important member of Talon, being a member of their council. The animated short, which is in more of an anime style than their Pixar-like animation, shows Doomfist fighting Winston and Tracer. According to Kaplan in the Developer Update, Winston was responsible for putting Ogundimu behind bars, and now, he is out for revenge.

Doomfist is categorized as an offense hero and his abilities focus on one main mechanic: punching. He has a Rocket Punch, a chargeable ability that does more damage depending on how much it is charged. This punch knocks back enemies it hits and will do even more damage if the enemy is knocked back into a wall. He also has a Rising Uppercut, which if the punch lands, he knocks an enemy up into the air with him. His Seismic Slam ability has him lunge towards enemies, and any enemies in his damage cone will be pulled closer to him to set up for combos. His last punching ability is his ultimate ability, the Meteor Strike. Doomfist jumps up into the air, has five seconds to decide a target area, then slams down to deal damage to anyone within.

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Doomfist’s last two abilities in his incredibly deep arsenal help balance his melee-only abilities. To complement the punches, he has four mini-shotguns on his gauntlet placed on each knuckle, giving him a viable ranged attack. When he does use his punches, however, he will receive a temporary shield bonus on his base 250 health. The shield decay over time, and with more punches landed, they can stack. Fans have been anticipating the release of Doomfist for months and now that he is finally here, he seems to have lived up to the hype.


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