Pikachu isn’t one of the most popular Pokemon

In a study of Japanese Pokémon followers, the charming yellow pocket monster came in 4th. Top place mosted likely to … it’s almost too dreadful to talk about.

The 20th anniversary of “Pokémon” should be a time for celebration, however instead it’s ended up being a dark time, noting the down spiral of the once-great Pikachu and a collective loss of innocence.

Brace yourselves Pikachu isnt one of the most popular Pokemon
Brace yourselves Pikachu isnt one of the most popular Pokemon

OK, maybe it’s not that significant, however it’s rather dire, as more than half a million Japanese Pokémon fans have actually spoken– and they have actually picked Greninja as their favored pocket monster. “Who?” you ask. Precisely.

The last kind of the (unquestionably) cute Froakie, Greninja is a frog-like creature with a grotesquely long tongue that can slice up its adversaries with throwing celebrities made from compressed water. Given, that last little bit is pretty damned cool, however begin … There’s no chance that Greninja is better than Pikachu– that can be found in fourth, by the way.

Yes, in a survey performed by The Pokémon Company, its own mascot came in fourth place, behind Mew, Arceus (just to add insult to injury) as well as, yes, Greninja. Considering there are some 720 Pokémon, and there was area on the listing for simply 100 of them, fourth place is an accomplishment. Yet Greninja?

When grabbed remark, Pikachu would just state, “Pika?”.

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