Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

Pokémon: 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

Brock has demonstrated his value on multiple occasions, as a family man who cares deeply for Pokémon.

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Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

Many times throughout the entire Pokémon anime, Brock has been Ash’s traveling companion, mentor, cook, doctor, and friend. He has showcased all of his talents, from being the Pewter City Gym Leader to being an aspiring Pokémon Breeder and later a Pokémon Doctor.

While he is often reduced to making failed and comical attempts to impress and confess his love to women, Brock has demonstrated his value on multiple occasions, as a family man who cares deeply for Pokémon. His most memorable moments for many people are his initial battles with Ash, but there have been several episodes since then that have focused on Brock himself, both at his best and at his worst.

10 Brock Showed Off His Breeder & Doctor Skills In “Leave It To Brocko”

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

Brock’s journey from being a Gym Leader with no real direction, to finding himself as a Pokémon Breeder and Pokémon Doctor was a long road, but Episode 14 of the Diamond & Pearl series, “Leave it to Brocko,” was certainly a defining moment in his transition from Breeder to Doctor, even if he had not yet decided on the career change.

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He displayed knowledge and expertise when approaching and tending to an injured Nuzleaf, allowed himself to get captured by Team Rocket in order to protect it, and he also saw his trusted Bonsly evolve into a Sudowoodo, all in the span of one episode.

9 Brock Finally Earned A Pokémon Egg In “All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go”

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

In “All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go,” Brock won a Pokémon Dress-Up Contest when his Croagunk dressed up as a Politoed and stayed in character throughout the entire episode. As a prize for his victory, Brock received an Egg, and while he had previously helped to look after other people’s Pokémon Eggs, this one was finally his, with it eventually evolving into a Happiny.

Brock having a Pokémon Egg was a perfect chance for him to shine and demonstrate his skills as both a Breeder and Doctor, as he still struggled with his overall direction. It hatching into the Chansey-line was an added bonus towards this end.

8 “Pokemon Fashion Flash” Was A Step In The Right Direction For Brock’s Dreams Of Becoming A Pokémon Breeder

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

During Ash, Misty, and Brock’s journeys through Kanto, they came across a budding Pokémon Breeder in Suzie, in “Pokémon Fashion Flash.” Not only did Brock instill his wisdom upon Suzie as a fellow Breeder-in-training, but they also helped her realize her destination in life.

Due to Brock being the only person other than Suzie to gain the approval of her Vulpix, she asked Brock to take care of it on his travels. Vulpix would go on to be a vital part of Brock’s journey, as he ultimately learned a lot about conditioning and nutrition from his time taking care of it.

7 “When Regions Collide” Reminded Fans That Brock Was Still Capable Of Being A Fierce Battler

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

One of the best episodes of the Sun & Moon series, “When Regions Collide,” saw Ash and his Alolan friends visit the Cerulean City Gym in Kanto, with Ash battling Misty and Brock facing Kiawe.

Brock’s battle with Kiawe was explosive and it was revealed that his Steelix could now Mega Evolve. This rattled Kiawe and led to a fierce exchange, with Mega Steelix eventually overcoming Turtonator, earning Brock the win. It had been a while since Brock had last been shown to be the tenacious battler that he once was, but this episode reaffirmed it.

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6 “The Brockster Is In” Was When Brock Finally Decided To Start Training To Become A Pokémon Doctor

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

The end of the Diamond & Pearl series was coming to a close when Brock finally hit the realization that he wanted to become a Pokémon Doctor. It had been building throughout his entire time in Sinnoh, but him taking care of several small injured Pokémon and his Happiny evolving into Chansey in order to help them, helped him come to this new realization.

All the signs were there that suggested Brock would eventually become a Pokémon Doctor, but the words of Nurse Joy when she recognized his talents as a doctor convinced him fully.

5 Brock Almost Had The Perfect Partner In “Smells Like Team Spirit”

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

While the main focus of “Spells Like Team Spirit” was the toxic team and combination of Ash and Paul, Brock and his partner, Holly, slipped under the radar somewhat with their perfect team chemistry. Not only did they work well together and were only defeated because of Ash and Paul’s powerful Pokémon, but it was one of the first times that a girl would grow to return Brock’s affections, almost.

After a great but losing effort in the Tag Battle Tournament, Brock couldn’t find Holly anywhere, before Nurse Joy told him that she had already left to train and better herself to be worthy of Brock. Brock was ultimately devastated but having a situation where Brock actually focused more on battling than the girl was an interesting dynamic shift.

4 “Malice In Wonderland” Showed An Imaginary World Where All Girls Returned Brock’s Affections

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

“Malice In Wonderland” saw Ash and friends fall into a trap left by a mischievous Mismagius, putting them all to sleep and feeding them dangerously tantalizing and satisfying dreams, posing the risk of potentially clouding what they deemed to be real.

Brock’s dreams saw him in a scenario where both Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were returning his affections, prompting him to immediately question the reality of the situation and his sanity.

3 Brock Almost Won A Contest That He Entered Just To Get Close To A Girl In “What I Did For Love”

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

In the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire series, Brock showed the lengths he would go to for love in “What I Did For Love.” He entered a Pokémon Contest with Bonsly just because a girl that he had fallen for, called Yuma, had said that she would be interested in coaching him.

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This fueled his energetic Contest performances, with him looking like a natural and very nearly defeating May in the final round. He put on such a good performance, that Yuma said he was too good to need tutoring, much to Brock’s dismay. This episode suggested that Brock should have entered more Contests, even though he only entered for the wrong reasons.

2 “A Family That Battles Together Stays Together” Gave An Insight Into The State Of Pewter Gym In Brock’s Absence

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

Pokémon Chronicles is often forgotten about, but it provided side-stories and gap-filling for the main Pokémon series, giving more of a spotlight to characters other than Ash. In “A Family That Battles Together Stays Together,” Brock was seen back at home in between his Johto and Hoenn adventures, with all of his family.

The episode focused on the state of the Pewter City Gym in Brock’s absence, with his mother Lola determined to make it a Water-type Gym. Brock defeated her in a 1-on-1 battle with Onix securing the Gym’s future as a Rock-type Gym, and Brock ultimately passed the reigns over to his brother Forrest, leaving his Pokémon behind to train with him. This episode is a great look into Brock’s family life.

1 “Heart Of Fire! Heart Of Stone!” Showed Brock & Olivia As A Formidable Team

Pokémon 10 Episodes Brock Fans Should Watch

During Brock and Misty’s Alolan vacation in “Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!,” everybody visited Akala Island, with Brock showcasing his skills as a Pokémon Doctor while at Kiawe’s family farm. Just as everybody was commending Brock on his professionalism, he instantly switched into classic Brock mode, fantasizing about meeting Olivia.

Their eventual meeting didn’t end like most of Brock’s failed wooing attempts, but he did make more headway after telling Rock-type trainer Olivia that he was also a Rock-type specialist and former Gym Leader. The two have a match with Lycanroc and Sudowoodo facing off before Team Rocket’s inevitable interruption. The two combined to send Team Rocket flying once more. This was a fun episode showcasing both the old and new Brock.

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