Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Pokémon: 10 Underrated Normal-Types

Normal-type Pokémon can sometimes be seen as boring, but they are actually quite good. Here are underrated Normal-types.

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Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Normal-type Pokémon have been around since the beginning days of the Pokémon series. At this time, it is now responsible for creating some of the best creatures from the entire series. For example, the absolutely legendary Snorlax hails in this classification, and it is of course one of the most recognizable Pokémon out there. There are plenty of others that hold this distinction, too, but that does not make this type immune to having some underrated members.

In fact, there are an abundance of Normal-type Pokémon that just are not appreciated to the level which they deserve. There are specific reasons as to why this is the case, but it ought to change for them. Individuals who play these games may also elect to avoid them, as they incorrectly may assume that they are not worthwhile to catch. Yet, some of these underrated Pokémon actually can fair well whilst in battle and/or can evolve into spectacular creatures, too.

10 Persian

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Persian is a Pokémon that does not seem to get the credit it truly deserves. In terms of its appearance, it certainly develops into a far bigger Pokémon, as its original form is Meowth.

When seeing as how Generation I has a plethora of memorable Pokémon, Persian seems to be overshadowed a bit. If it had been in a later installment, it likely would be far more popular today.

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9 Minccino

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

The primary obstacle that Minccino has going against it is that there are far too many iconic rodent-like Pokémon. This is evident by the fact that the franchise’s mascot is Pikachu.

However, this Pokémon is immensely cute in its own right and eventually turns into Cinccino. Thus, there is no harm in adding Minccino to any Pokémon collection, as it does have value.

8 Kangaskhan

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Kangaskhan is another Normal-type Pokémon that sadly is forgotten about at times. This is largely because of the fact that it is a Generation I Pokémon, which is difficult to catch.

However, it is worth it as Kangaskhan is immensely powerful when it comes to battle. It is also a really fun design, which has not really been tried out since.

7 Porygon

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

The raw originality that comes from Porygon warrants far more praise than it receives. For starters, it is made out of programming code, which is certainly intriguing, to say the least. Also, its rarity makes it a challenge for players trying to complete the Pokédex.

It does fair well when it comes to its use in battle, as well. Overall, this is a Pokémon that certainly has many positive qualities, but is often not talked about much.

6 Teddiursa

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Teddiursa is a Pokémon that is worth catching at every turn, as it eventually evolves into the absolute unit, Ursaring. What is so interesting about Teddiursa, in particular, is that it is immensely adorable, yet quite effective.

When it comes to the anime series, it also is quite entertaining, as it is smart enough to use its cuteness in a manipulative way to get what it wants. Thus, it offers a little bit of everything, which makes it very fascinating.

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5 Stoutland

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Stoutland is a Generation V Pokémon that evolves from Herdier. It definitely offers a far more unique take than its previous form, as it is very fluffy, while also sporting what appears to be a giant handlebar mustache.

This Pokémon is also very interesting because it acts far more like a dog than other Pokémon like it. It is hard not to love this good pup, yet it does not seem to get as much attention as the elite Normal-types.

4 Stantler

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Stantler is the perfect Pokémon when Christmas season comes around, as they are everywhere in Pokémon Go at that time. This is actually quite convenient for those who play the game, as it can work very well in battle.

It may not be the strongest of the Normal-type Pokémon, but it does in fact pack a real punch. From a stylistic standpoint, too, it is impossible not to appreciate the unique approach the series made with it.

3 Aipom

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

It is impossible not to show love to Aipom, as it is a comical take on the squirrel monkey. Its tail is particularly what stands out with it, as it has a three-fingered hand on it.

Alas, it is a nice touch as it offers a different degree of originality. However, its personality also is lovable, as it is quite the prankster, due to its mischievous behavior. Thus, it is always a good thing having one around for entertainment purposes.

2 Slakoth

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Slakoth is a Generation III Pokémon that deserves so much more praise than it receives. It is more known for its evolved form, Slaking, but this little Pokémon is cool in its own right.

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Like a true sloth, it is a very sleepy and relaxed Pokémon, which does add a nice element to its character. It is always a treat seeing them in the wild, too, as catching them makes gamers one step closer to having Slaking, of course.

1 Purugly

Pokémon 10 Underrated NormalTypes

Purugly is a Pokémon that gamers should feel a bit bad for, as its own name insults it. Yet, the player could actually deem this Pokémon as quite cute, as it is fluffy and has a long tail.

Cat lovers definitely should defend this Pokémon and aim to obtain it in the game. From a battle standpoint, it also can do quite well in the right circumstances, as it is quite combative in nature.

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