Pokemon Dazzling Ruby & Radiating Pearl: Where To Find The Suite Key

Pokemon Dazzling Ruby & Radiating Pearl: Where To Find The Suite Key

Discovering the Suite Key is a short, simple pursuit with a good little incentive.

Pokemon Dazzling Ruby
Pokemon Dazzling Ruby

Pokemon Fantastic Diamond and Shining Pearl have lots of side pursuits for you to complete for a lot of cool benefits. You can discover them around Sinnoh as well as completing them is something you can do at your leisure.

One of these takes you to the Valiance Lakefront, just to the south of Veilstone City as well as to the eastern of Pastoria City. It’s an extremely short side mission that includes just a little of searching about in the grass to find a priceless thing.

How To Discover The Suite Secret

This mission is started by speaking a girl wearing pink and also purple outside the door to her suite. She will inform you that she is secured outdoors and that she dropped her Collection Trick someplace near the function area. You’ll see that this area is some sort of hotel.

The function location is within a building that you should go through to get to Pastoria City (when coming from the north). The Suite Secret, nevertheless, is not inside the reception location.

You can discover the Collection Secret near to the north entrance to the reception area. It is an invisible thing so search with the ‘A’ Switch up until you find it, use the Dowsing Machine Poketch app, or make use of the photo over as a recommendation.

Once you have the Trick, return it to the lady who lost it. Follow her inside the vacation home and talk to her again to get your incentive: a Lava Cookie. This is a cool product that can be used to recover a Pokemon of its standing results.

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