Pokemon GO Best Ultra League Team (January 2021)

Pokemon GO: Best Ultra League Team (January 2021)

Trainers looking for good suggestions of Pokemon to use against other trainers, here are some quality choices for both standard and premier cups.

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Pokemon GO Best Ultra League Team (January 2021)

Pokemon GO has received a continuous amount of love from fans by bringing people together to share their love for Pokemon throughout the years. One of these ways is the Pokemon GO Ultra League, a PVP tournament option that allows for some friendly competition between trainers.

Players get to choose a team of three Pokemon that have to meet different kinds of requirements. For the standard Ultra League, players can only choose Pokemon with a maximum of 2,500 CP. However, they will be allowed to use legendary and mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Ultimately, the best strategy is to form a Pokemon group whose strengths and weaknesses complement each other. For some general suggestions of Pokemon to help Pokemon GO trainers get an idea of where to start, here are some helpful recommendations.

Alolan Ninetails

Alolan Ninetails is an Ice and Fairy-type Pokemon who is strong against Dragon, Fighting, Flying, Grass, Ground, and Poison-type pokemon. Recently, Alolan Ninetails has seen more support from fans since it is capable of learning Weather Ball, which is an ice type move. Ideally, the best stats for Alolan Ninetails would be a CP of about 2,495, an attack of 149, a defense stat of 173, and 160 for stamina.

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Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo is a new Pokemon that has jumped onto the scene since the Pokemon Celebration back at the beginning of 2020. It is a powerful psychic type Pokemon that will be super effective against Fighting, Ice, Normal, Poison, and Rock-Type Pokemon. The best stats for Armored Mewtwo would be an attack of 135, 205 for defense, and 164 for stamina totaling about 2,495 CP.


While Suicune is a standard water legendary beast Pokemon, it makes up for the weaknesses with its move sets and stats. Suicune is a powerful choice against Flying, Ghost, Ground, Psychic, and Rock-Type Pokemon. And the best stats would be a CP of 2,499 with an attack of 139, 178 for stamina, and 182 for defense.

For Pokemon trainers who want to participate in the Ultra League Premier cup, max CP qualifications remain at 2,500. However, player are not allowed to choose any legendary or mythical Pokemon. So for some good suggestions for normal Pokemon, here are some options.


Jellicent is also a new Pokemon introduced during Pokemon GO season 6 that players got for reaching rank 20. It is a combination of Ghost and Water-type Pokemon that will prove useful against Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Ground, and Psychic-type Pokemon.


Mandibuzz is a strong Dark and Flying-type Pokemon that is particularly strong against Ghost, Grass, Dark, Ground, and Psychic-type Pokemon. Mandibuzz is useful against many popular choices in the Premier cup, such as Gengar and Swampert, so make sure to save him for the second to throw off the opponent. Ideally, Mandibuzz should be around 129 for attack, 205 for defense, and 242 for stamina.

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Politoed, just like Alolan Ninetails, received a huge buff thanks to being able to also use Weather Ball along with Ground-type moves like Mud Shot and Earthquake. Politoed is a strong Water-type Pokemon that will be strong against Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, and Ground-type Pokemon. The best stats for Politoed would be around 174 for the attack, 179 for defense, and 207 for stamina.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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