Pokemon GO Leaks Hoopa Special Research

Pokemon GO Leaks Hoopa Special Research

Pokemon GO dataminers find evidence to suggest that there will be Hoopa Special Research added to the popular mobile game soon.

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Pokemon GO Leaks Hoopa Special Research

Pokemon GO hasn’t seen proper new Special Research in quite some time, with the exception of the newcomer-exclusive Jump-Start Special Research or the Professor Willow card Research that requires a special code. However, it seems that Pokemon GO players may soon be able to look forward to new Special Research in the game, with dataminers finding evidence that Mythical Pokemon Hoopa could soon be making its debut.

The PokeMiners datamining group has found evidence to suggest that Hoopa is going to be added to Pokemon GO as part of Pokemon GO Fest. They found new text added to Pokemon GO in the game’s latest update of Professor Willow outright talking about Hoopa. The dataminers speculate that Pokemon GO’s Ultra Unlock bonus could be Hoopa, or that the quests completed during Pokemon GO Fest will actually set up for a later quest where Hoopa can be caught by players.

As Pokemon fans likely know, Hoopa has two forms, and so those in the comments of the Reddit thread where the leak was posted have speculated about how exactly that will be handled in Pokemon GO. One commenter suggested that the Hoopa Unbound version of the Pokemon could be added to Tier 5 Raids, though again, that’s just speculation at this time. As it stands, neither of Hoopa’s two forms have actually been confirmed for Pokemon GO, and so fans should keep their expectations in check.

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If past Pokemon GO Fest events are any indication, the most likely scenario is that the Pokemon GO Hoopa Special Research that dataminers found will be a timed-exclusive for the event, with a different version of it eventually released to all players. The only question that remains is if Pokemon GO players will have to pay for this new Special Research or if it will be released for free, though since it hasn’t even been announced yet, that information will have to wait.

Luckily, if Hoopa is part of Pokemon GO Fest as the leaks suggest, then fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Pokemon GO Fest 2021 is taking place this weekend, from Saturday, July 17 to Sunday, July 18, so it should just be a matter of days before this situation is clarified.

If Hoopa is added to Pokemon GO soon, it will be interesting to see how the Hoopa Unbound form is handled and if the theory about it being a Raid boss pans out. Pokemon GO fans should hang tight for more information.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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