Pokemon GO New Legendary Appearing in Raids Worldwide

Pokemon GO: New Legendary Appearing in Raids Worldwide

As a bonus reward to Pokemon GO players that participated in the Global Catch Challenge and caught 3 billion Pokemon, Niantic has added a new legendary Pokemon to raids.

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Pokemon GO New Legendary Appearing in Raids Worldwide

Pokemon GO players managed to complete Niantic’s Global Catch Challenge, catching over 3 billion Pokemon in a week’s time. As a result, various rewards were unlocked for all Pokemon GO players, but Niantic has unexpectedly added a bonus reward. Beginning today and until December 12th, Pokemon GO players will find the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh in raid battles.

What’s interesting about the Ho-Oh raid in Pokemon GO is that it’s not an EX Raid as previously rumored. For the uninitiated, EX Raids are raids that players can only participate in if they receive a special invite from Niantic. Since EX Raids have been hugely criticized by the Pokemon GO community, and are considered outright “broken” by many fans, it’s nice to see that players don’t have to jump through hoops to participate in the Ho-Oh legendary raid.

While fans shouldn’t have much trouble participating in a Ho-Oh legendary raid, actually catching the beast is another story. We don’t have catch rate stats on Ho-Oh just yet, but if it’s anything like other legendary Pokemon, the chances of one actually catching a Ho-Oh are slim. So even if players are lucky enough to put together a sizable and competent raid group and beat Ho-Oh, they could still walk away from the raid mostly empty-handed.

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On the bright side, this major flaw in Pokemon GO’s raid system is being addressed by Niantic in some capacity. Niantic has promised increased raid rewards for players that manage to beat a raid Pokemon in battle. This way, players won’t feel like they’ve wasted their time if they fail to catch a Pokemon in a raid. However, catching rare Pokemon is the main reason to participate in raids in the first place, so some fans may still not be satisfied.

Frustrations over the raid system and a lack of substantial new content updates seem to be slowing down Pokemon GO players, even those that have been playing the game religiously since its launch in 2016. In fact, when the Global Catch Challenge first started, there was a distinct possibility that fans were going to fail in their goal of catching 3 billion Pokemon. Ultimately, the allure of double XP, double stardust, six-hour lure modules, and the chance to catch region-exclusive Pokemon convinced enough trainers to resume their Pokemon adventures. Perhaps they will stick with the game long enough to catch a Ho-Oh, and then they may even be around for the likely December introduction of more third generation Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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