Pokemon GO Trainers Encountering Login Issues [UPDATE]

Pokemon GO Trainers Encountering Login Issues [UPDATE]

Many players of the game developer Niantic’s mobile augmented reality title Pokemon GO are reporting login issues with the application across Android and iOS devices.

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Pokemon GO Trainers Encountering Login Issues [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: According to Niantic, Pokemon GO’s login issues have been resolved for both Google accounts and Pokemon Trainer Club accounts. The original story continues below.]

Without a doubt, there were likely plenty of Pokemon GO fans who took part in the popular mobile augmented reality title’s Valentine’s Day event in order to scoop up a load of Luvdiscs and take advantage of the offering of three times the amount of Stardust with each one caught. Now, however, would-be trainers looking to play the ARG at the moment may hit a snag, as many players are reporting login issues with the title across Android and iOS devices.

As seen in the tweets below from the official Pokemon GO and Niantic Twitter accounts, the game developer is well aware of the situation, as it is “currently investigating” the reports from players in regards to the login issues. What’s more is that not only is PoGO experiencing problems, but also Niantic’s other augmented reality product, Ingress, is having some troubles, too, with Agents unable access the title.

Niantic has yet to divulge what the problem could be in regards Pokemon GO’s login issues, but one can only hope that the company discovers what’s wrong as quickly as possible so that trainers can get back to catching ’em all. As of writing, we here at Game Rant have attempted multiple times to login to the ARG on the iPhone, but are continually met with an error screen that reads, “Unable to authenticate. Please try again.”

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Taking all of this into consideration, there’s no telling as to why Pokemon GO is inaccessible at the moment, as there could be myriad explanations for the login issues. That said, though, with Niantic having recently introduced Team Rocket clothing in the title, perhaps those who have aligned themselves with the in-game criminal organization have intentionally shut the servers down so that they could steal all the Pokemon for themselves.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS.

Source: PokemonGOApp – Twitter

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