Pokemon GO What Do Shiny Porygon Grimer Caterpie and Charmander Look Like

Pokemon GO: What Do Shiny Porygon, Grimer, Caterpie, and Charmander Look Like?

Pokemon GO trainers who are getting ready to vote for the next Community Day can take a closer look at the shiny models right here.

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Pokemon GO What Do Shiny Porygon Grimer Caterpie and Charmander Look Like

Once again, Pokemon GO players are being called on to make a very important choice that will impact two events late this summer/early fall. Both the September and October Community Day events will be decided based on popular vote, so trainers are already out campaign for their favorite choices and why others should be left behind.

This time around, players have to choice between Porygon, Caterpie, Charmander, and Grimer. There are some clear popular choices here, but each option brings its own strengths and weaknesses to the table. Regardless of how each of these Pokemon may perform in the current PvE or PvP metagame, one clear consideration is going to be how the shiny variation will look and whether Pokemon GO players already have one or not.

Every Community Day event since the monthly festivities started has featured shiny Pokemon at an increased rate and players usually consider collecting shiny Pokemon to be one of the most important goals of any CD event. There are a lot of players who have a goal to obtain a complete shiny Pokedex and the opportunity to add a new shiny to their collection is always going to outweigh any possible improvements to their metagame rosters. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the shiny versions for each of the four options and all of their evolutions.

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Shiny hunters are likely going to be out in full force to campaign for Porygon or Caterpie. Each of those options represents the possibility of three new potential new shiny additions for a lot of collectors. Although Charmander is a fan favorite Pokemon thanks to being a Gen 1 starter, the Pokemon has been featured in many events, including its own Community Day, over the years since the game launched, so shiny versions of it are already in circulation throughout the community. Grimer is an interesting option as well, but its shiny isn’t all that different from the actual model and it’s only a two-step evolution.

At this point, based on social media trends, it seems highly likely that Porygon will run away with the race and Caterpie will likely take second place. If that’s the case, then the next two Community day events will likely be very exciting for shiny collectors, but a little less so for anyone who was hoping to once again get the chance to hunt down a perfect Charmander to evolve.

As trainers continue working through these amazing events, they may want to keep hunting down the best Unova Pokemon in the game if improving their Battle Raid rosters and completing their Pokedex is their primary goal. Be sure to check back in the near future for more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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