Pokemon Legends Arceus Video Shows New Footage and Reveals Battle Theme

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Video Shows New Footage and Reveals Battle Theme

A new and short trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus reveals new gameplay footage as well as the updated battle theme players will be hearing.

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As 2021 slowly approaches the end and the majority of the big video games having been released, many fans have turned their attention to what’s coming early on in 2022. While the early months of 2022 are already jam packed with huge releases like Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West, Nintendo is set to kick things off in January with one of its biggest franchises. Pokemon Legends Arceus is the next big game in the series and looks to be one of its most unique entries in quite some time.

While Pokemon Legends Arceus continues the familiar gameplay loop of catching wild creatures called Pokemon, it’s also bringing a few new ideas to the table as well. This time around, players will be traveling to the Hisui region, a precursor to before it eventually becomes Sinnoh. The large openoverworld seems to take Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area to another level, where players can not only explore using ridable Pokemon, but capture most creatures directly without having to first initiate a battle. A new trailer has revealed even more new footage and details on the upcoming action RPG.

A new and quite short trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus has found its way online via the Nintendo South Africa Distributor YouTube Channel. Using quick cuts of game footage, the trailer shows off a number of new elements from using stealth or one of the ridable creatures to capture Pokemon in the wild, as well as more of the red eyed Alpha Pokemon that can not only hunt down the player, but directly damage them for the first time ever. The trailer also features the game’s Battle Music, which features familiar tones whiel mixing in new elements to create something fresh.

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The trailers description also provides a bit more context on Pokemon Legends Arceus’ story and why the player is venturing out into the wild. At this point, Pokemon Trainers and battling aren’t things that have been wildly established. The player is sent out to study and learn about Pokemon and ultimately create the Hisui Region’s first Pokedex. With Mount Coronet prominently featured in the middle of the map, the trailer indicates that it is surrounded by other regions all with distinct enviornments as well.

One of the biggest mysteries left is how the legendary Pokemon Arceus factors into everything. Displayed prominently on the cover art, neither Nintendo or Game Freak has given any indication as to how Arceus will impact the game’s story. According to the overall series lore, Arceus predates the universe, having a large role in ultimately creating the entire Pokemon world. Many believe it is linked in some way to the wild Alpha Pokemon that are roaming the land, but for now, fans are left to speculate.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases on January 28, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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