Pokémon Sword & Guard: Just How To Obtain Togedemaru

Pokémon Sword & Guard: Just How To Obtain Togedemaru

Togedemaru, the hedgehog Pikachu-lookalike, returns in Pokémon Sword & Shield as an uncommon generate.

Pokemon Sword Guard Just How To Obtain Togedemaru
Pokemon Sword Guard Just How To Obtain Togedemaru

Every new generation of Pokémon includes a Pikachu lookalike. The one for Pokémon Sunlight & Moon was Togedemaru, an Electric/Steel-type hedgehog chu. It may not be the most recent Pika-clone anymore, yet it still makes an appearance in Sword & Guard Keep reading to figure out exactly how to add one of these rounded good friends to your team.

Where To Locate Togedemaru In Sword & Guard.

Togedemaru is an uncommon generate in Sword & Shield, so you may have to put some time in. It can generate on Course 8 as one of the Pokémon walking. It can additionally show up in tall grass in the Lake of Outrage location throughout a snowstorm. It has a slightly higher chance of showing up at the Lake of Outrage, however it will certainly suggest looking through arbitrary spawns.

What Togedemaru Carries Out In Battle

Unlike Pikachu proper, Togedemaru doesn’t develop. You’re stuck with this little, sickly little person when you take it into fight. That said, Togedemaru does have some fun tricks to tinker challengers. A lot of its moves can trigger opponents to flinch or incapacitate them, and also Smogon assembled some combos to benefit from that.

Nuzzle will incapacitate the challenger as long as it hits, as well as Zing Zap can make them flinch. Can Iron Head. Making use of these moves one after another could avoid the foe from having any type of turns at all, allowing Togedemaru and buddies to whale on them.

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