Pokemon Unite Confirms Dragonite Release Date and Time

Pokemon Unite Confirms Dragonite Release Date and Time

Popular battle arena title Pokemon Unite announces the release date and time of Dragonite through its own character spotlight video.

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For the many fans and players of multiplayer online battle arena title Pokemon Unite, new playable characters are always something to look forward to. It was only a few weeks ago that the Grass type Fruit Pokemon Tsareena was made available as one of the fighters in the game. And now, another first generation Pokemon is making its way into the battle arena, with the official release date of fan-favorite Dragonite announced through a special spotlight video on the character.

Pokemon Unite was only launched this July 2021, with the video game being released for the Nintendo Switch first, before the title hit iOS and Android platforms. Initially, the MOBA only had a handful of Pokemon as playable characters, which made its meta much more simple and predictable. However, since its release, Pokemon Unite now has 27 Pokemon fighters that each have different roles, strengths, and weaknesses in battle. This makes multiplayer matches more fun and dynamic, especially for Pokemon fans who have been looking for a more action-based title from the franchise.

On Twitter, Pokemon Unite officially announced that the Kanto region Dragon type Pokemon Dragonite will finally be playable in-game on December 19, 2021, at 4:00PM PT. This news came out only a week or so ago, after the developers shared updates that Dragonite will join the roster as part of Pokemon Unite’s winter-themed event. Though the Twitter post initially had an error on the release date, the team has since shared a new post stating the correct date and time of the Pokemon’s availability.

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According to Pokemon Unite, Dragonite will be a powerful All-Rounder in the game. This means the Pokemon will join the line-up of other All-Rounders such as Tsareena, Lucario, Machamp, Garchomp, and crowd-favorite Fire and Flying type Charizard. In the character announcement spotlight video, how Dragonite would look and feel during gameplay was also showcased. This includes its basic attack moves, and special offensive skills. Though there are some fans who seem excited about Dragonite’s arrival in Pokemon Unite, most replies on the Twitter thread seemed to demand that the developers focus more on fixing current Pokemon issues before adding more into the title.

Though the meta of Pokemon Unite still needs a lot of fixing, according to the player community, it does not seem like the introduction of new playable characters will stop any time soon. Hopefully the devs take note of the players’ feedback, else they might find themselves with a rapidly declining player base in the near future.

Pokemon Unite is available on Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch.

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