Radioheads Crying Minotaur Comes To Fall Guys

Radiohead’s Crying Minotaur Comes To Fall Guys

Fall Guys gets a weepy new character.

You Are Reading :Radioheads Crying Minotaur Comes To Fall Guys

Radiohead is making waves in the video game world this week. Not only has the English rock band released their own video game, Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, but the band has found its way into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. A new skin based on the band’s “Crying Minotaur” design is now available to players, but it is a timed skin and will only be available for a short while.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account tweeted out the news of the Radiohead skin along with a short clip of it in action. The clip shows off the all-white skin that resembles the hand-drawn creature often found in the margins of Radiohead’s album notes. With pointy ears, large round eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth, the little creature is cute if not a little offputting. Though why it is called a minotaur when it doesn’t necessarily resemble the mythological creature is anyone’s guess.

The skin, which is available between now and November 21, will set you back five crowns for the bottom half and five for the top. So, if you have the crowns to spare, and are a fan of Radiohead, this is the perfect collaboration for you.

The Fall Guys collaboration is not the only video game that Radiohead is involved with. The rock band recently released their own game to Mac, PC, and PS5. The Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is a video game where players can walk through an art museum-like gallery filled with Radiohead visuals and music from the band’s Kid A and Amnesiac. Taking to the official PlayStation Blog, frontman Thom Yorke shared how this game came from a planned installation in London that was seemingly killed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Radiohead has been an influential band in the art and music world for many years and now that influence is creeping into the world of video games. This isn’t the first time that Radiohead has had an impact on video games with titles like Transistor and Hades admitting to using the band as inspirations for characters and aesthetics.

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