RHOBH All Of Kathy Hiltons Family Scandals Explained

RHOBH: All Of Kathy Hilton’s Family Scandals Explained

Kathy Hilton from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes from a very rich family that has been embroiled in multiple scandals over the years.

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Kathy Hilton is the newest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, and it’s time to discuss the scandals her famous family members have been involved in over the years. The quirky Piscean housewife Kathy has been a breath of fresh air on the show thanks to her unique sense of humor and calm demeanor. She is “hotel royalty,” but members of the Hilton hotel family dynasty haven’t always behaved regally.

Bravo fans were beyond excited when they learned that Kathy would be joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills back in the fall of 2020. Kathy’s RHOBH casting made sense since her sister Kyle Richards has been on the show from the very beginning. Kathy’s other sister Kim Richards also spent some time as a housewife before calling it quits. Finally, Kathy shared that she had more time on her hands and was interested in seeing what holding a RHOBH diamond was all about. The Hilton legacy started when Conrad Hilton Sr. was born in Texas. He was thought of as a bumpkin but created an empire of classy hotels. He began in New York City with The Plaza and the Waldorf Astoria.

The Hilton family became an American dynasty, but modern pop culture enthusiasts are generally more familiar with the Hiltons due to the family members’ lust for the L.A. limelight. In the early 2000s, viewers were introduced to a series of Paris Hilton’s dramatic life events, including her leaked 2003 sex tape, “One Night in Paris.” In 2020, Paris, who now has a Netflix cooking show, released a YouTube documentary, This Is Paris. In that documentary, she revealed that she had suffered childhood trauma while attending a behavior modification school in her late teens. Paris had her run-ins with the law, and after violating her probation in 2007, she spent three weeks in jail. In 2010, Paris was arrested for drug possession after a bag of cocaine fell out of her purse. See Kathy and her daughters Paris and Nicky Hilton below:

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In 2017, Kathy’s son Conrad Hilton III made headlines after being arrested for attempting to break into his ex-girlfriend E.G. Daily’s home. His actions violated a restraining order against the hotel heir. Conrad has actually had multiple run-ins with the law. In 2015, he screamed obscenities during a flight from London to LA and assaulted a cabin crew member. Once the plane landed, Conrad was met by law enforcement and arrested. In August 2016, Kathy from RHOBH’s offspring Conrad was sued for crashing into a woman’s car with his Range Rover. It’s alleged that he threw a bong out of the window while he was covered in vomit.

The Hilton family has skeletons in their closet which some RHOBH fans just aren’t aware of. Kathy has done her best to keep her childrens’ scandals under wraps. Bravo fans are loving watching Kathy on the weekly show as she shares her wisdom with the other women. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers are just hoping that she comes back in a full-time role next season. Drama always follows the Hiltons around, so it may not be too long before another public scandal erupts.

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