Rick and Morty Will Be Venturing To Dune In Upcoming Issue

Rick and Morty Will Be Venturing To Dune In Upcoming Issue

The latest Rick and Morty adventure will send the multiverse-traveling duo to an alternate version of Dune as they battle the Hericktics of Rick!

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Rick and Morty Will Be Venturing To Dune In Upcoming Issue

The multiversal adventurers of Rick and Morty are known for traveling to strange worlds across the cosmos, and their next will bring them straight to the desert planet of Dune.

Rick and Morty have been on some wacky adventures as of late, both in the form of wrapping up Rick and Morty season 5 Adult Swim series by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland as well as in their spin-off comics. The latest Rick and Morty storyline threw fans into the distant future where Rick was battling his arch nemesis Mr. Nimbus in Rick and Morty: Mr. Nimbus #1 written by Alex Firer with art by Ryan Lee and Doug Garbark. Simultaneously, Time God Jessica acts as the narrator of the issue, telling the origin of Nimbus and his relationship with Rick before returning readers to the future in which the current storyline takes place. Now, Rick and Morty will be in a futuristic setting once again as they put their unique spin on the widely popular Dune.

In the upcoming Rick and Morty Presents: Hericktics of Rick #1 by Amy Chu and Sarah Stern, Rick finds the source of an incredibly powerful substance, and in true Rick fashion, he takes over the entire planet to keep it all for himself. Rick and Morty lay claim to the planet to corner the market on the rare substance, but they’ll soon come to learn that the planet Rick renamed Arrickis isn’t as barren as it may seem. Rick and Morty soon find themselves caught up in the social, political, and religious factions that exist on the planet and it becomes clear that they need to escape before they lose themselves on this mysterious new world.

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The Dune references in this Rick and Morty parody of the widely popular novel turned major motion picture are striking. The name Rick chooses for the planet, Arrickis, is a Rick-style pun on the original name Arrakis. The Rick puns don’t stop with the name of the planet, with one being in the title of the issue ‘Hericktics of Rick’ being a play on the second novel in the Dune series, ‘Heretics of Dune’. Putting aside the Rick puns, the similarities in the storyline are also worth noting, with Rick alone acting as the entire Empire present in Dune who take over Arrakis to mine for Spice without a moment’s thought to the indigenous people already living on the planet.

From the similar storyline to the seemingly endless Rick puns that have transcended the TV show episode titles and found their way to the comics show that the latest Rick and Morty adventure is capitalizing off of Dune’s recent box office success. The film Dune has certainly struck a chord with audiences with a sequel already greenlit and the director speaking of the desire to make a third film as well. It only makes sense to combine the most currently popular Sci-Fi film with a fan-favorite Sci-Fi series, and that is exactly what the creative minds behind Rick and Morty Oni Comics’ series have decided to do. Rick and Morty: Hericktics of Rick #1 will be released January 26, 2022.

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