Rick & Morty Birdperson Knew He’d Die & Still Went To His Wedding

Rick & Morty: Birdperson Knew He’d Die & Still Went To His Wedding

A comic-book adventure reveals Rick and Morty’s Birdperson knew he would die on the day of his wedding, and yet he went through with it anyway.

You Are Reading :Rick & Morty Birdperson Knew He’d Die & Still Went To His Wedding

Rick & Morty Birdperson Knew He’d Die & Still Went To His Wedding

Warning: includes spoilers for Rick and Morty Presents: Birdperson #1!

At a young age, Birdperson learned of his fate to be murdered at his wedding, but he still walked the foregone path to his death, according to his one-shot comic Rick and Morty Presents: Birdperson. On his quest to become a man, Birdperson learns he will die but does little to divert from his fate.

Fans will know Birdperson as Rick’s humorless, stoic friend, ultimately introduced to Tammy – an undercover agent who would later kill him at their wedding. Secretly a Galactic Federation agent intent on arresting – or killing – Rick’s old revolutionary gang, Tammy pretended to be a friend of Rick’s granddaughter in order to gather together Birdperson and Rick’s mutual associates. Birdperson was later tragically reborn as the weaponized cyborg Phoenixperson and aimed like a gun against Rick at the behest of the Federation. But in the comics, Birdperson knew all that was ahead of him and went on ahead anyway, stuck in the path fate set out for him.

In Rick and Morty Presents: Birdperson, Alex Firer and Fred C. Stresing introduced a gigantic vulture-like demon on Birdperson’s planet, Flipflap-12, that wants to eat Birdperson’s soul. But this Vultureperson (as it calls itself) wants Birdperson to live a full life and enrich his soul so that Vultureperson can glut on a fattened spirit. He tells Birdperson he will not allow him to die until his wedding, where Vultureperson will feast on his soul like he has with all of Birdperson’s ancestors. “I shall snap the neck of anyone who robs me of your perfect death. Now fatten up your spirit with age,” Vulturperson says.

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Birdperson’s fate benefits him in the comic as he helps Rick escape his Federation pursuers. Typically, Rick only wants to help himself, and tries to charge his portal gun, leaving the Birdpeople to the Federation. Birdperson confronts him and the two build a friendship (even though its foundation is in Rick’s falsehoods). But when the two join to fight the Federation, the ship captain sets off a self-destruct button and seems to seal Rick and Birdperson’s death. Thankfully, the aforementioned vulture demon intervenes and saves Birdperson, not willing to have a light snack of a young soul.

Curiously, Birdperson’s rebirth as Phoenixperson is not included in his fateful look into his future. Birdperson never knew he would be reborn, albeit as a cyborg with a singular goal: kill Rick. In the show, Rick was almost bested by Phoenixperson but managed to shut him down and keep him stored in a garage until he can figure out how to save his friend. In this new context, it’s possible that Birdperson’s soul has already been devoured and all that is left is the cyborg husk. Perhaps Birdperson was not afforded a vision of his life as Phoenixperson because he has no soul left over or a consciousness beyond what is programmed. Either way, fans of Rick and Morty now know that on the morning of Birdperson’s wedding, he must have known what was coming from him, even if he never expected it to come from his bride.

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