Rick Roll Gets The Star Wars Special Edition Treatment

Rick Roll Gets The Star Wars ‘Special Edition’ Treatment

The classic Rick Roll clip gets a wholly unnecessary Star Wars Special Edition style alleged upgrade in a hilarious new parody video.

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Rick Roll gets the Star Wars Special Edition treatment in a new parody video. The most enduring of all internet memes, the Rick Roll continues to roll on into 2021, and indeed recently received an upgrade when someone uploaded a 4K version of the original troll-inspiring video to YouTube.

The original video that launched an unstoppable meme is of course “Never Gonna Give You Up,” a clip for a pop song by UK artist Rick Astley that rose up the charts to #1 back in 1987. That perfectly catchy if not particularly great song might have simply lived on as just another top 40 hit of the past, had 4Chan users not started employing it as a way to troll people on the internet, posting links that seemed to lead one place but actually sent unsuspecting folks to the video of Astley’s song. Rick Rolling quickly caught on with the general public, leading to Astley’s video receiving nearly a billion views by last count.

With “Never Gonna Give You Up” now getting a 4K remaster people can keep on Rick Rolling in much higher definition if they so choose. Of course not everyone appreciates it when older things get “upgrades,” preferring instead to stick with tradition. Twitter user ActionMovieDad must be one such purist as he just mocked the 4K Rick Roll upgrade with a parody video calling to mind George Lucas’ notorious fan-aggravating special editions of the Star Wars movies, particularly Return of the Jedi with its wholly unnecessary “Jedi Rocks” musical number. See “Never Gonna Give You Up” the special edition, featuring some hilarious Star Wars cameos, in the space below:

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the original already perfect. why they do this? pic.twitter.com/6WMi82RkjE

Lucas of course released his reworked Star Wars special editions ahead of the new prequel trilogy as a way of introducing younger audiences to the original movies. In the eyes of many however, Lucas fiddled far too much with the original films, adding special effects that at best contributed little and at worst slowed down pacing, while recutting some scenes in ridiculous ways. Perhaps the most notorious of all Lucas’ changes was the infamous “Greedo shot first” moment, in which Lucas recut Han Solo’s confrontation with the bounty hunter Greedo to make Han seem less trigger-happy (and therefore presumably more heroic).

But if the Greedo shot first change was the worst alteration to the original trilogy perpetrated in the special editions, a close second was the “Jedi Rocks” number in Return of the Jedi, which takes the memorable Max Rebo Band scene and turns it into a cartoonish CGI nightmare. Giving a 4K upgrade to the classic Rick Roll video may not represent quite as big a crime against culture as Star Wars’ “Jedi Rocks,” but the argument can be made that the low-def 1987 cruddiness of the original “Never Gonna Give You Up” video actually lends a lot of charm to the troll, which is destroyed when the video becomes a 4K upscale. ActionMovieDad may in fact have a solid point about why not all upgrades are good for the world.

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