Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

Sex And The City: 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

While Samantha Jones may be a confident, empowered character on Sex and the City, not everything about her life is fabulous. Some of it is tragic.

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Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

Fast-talking and fabulous Samantha Jones has always been the standout star of Sex and the City. The series might have been focused on Carrie and her neurotic antics, but the self-assured PR director constantly stole the spotlight thanks to her witty barbs, sassy fashion, and bold sexual relationships.

A role model for many modern women tired of the transparent way men are allowed to lead their lives, Samantha possesses many admirable qualities, but for all her vivacious verve, she can be seen as a tragic figure. Hit by illness, left repeatedly heartbroken, and unable to curtail her own cycle of abuse, there are numerous sad things about her character.

10 Her Inability To Commit

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

Over the course of the series, Samantha has the opportunity to settle down with a variety of partners, but she isn’t the sort of woman to be tied down. Instead she has a slew of passionate sexual encounters that prove she can “have sex like a man” that ultimately leave her unsatisfied where it counts.

Samantha’s fear of commitment unfortunately causes her to leave several real winning candidates because of perceived shortcomings. Whether the men be too short or have the wrong endowment, Samantha finds a way to exit the relationship in a way that makes her feel justified and powerful. She doesn’t have to put in the work, but she also doesn’t get the payoff.

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9 Her Lack Of Supportive Partners

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

While Samantha may not have wanted to be domesticated and lead a cookie-cutter life with a man, she comes to realize that by not being in a serious relationship, she misses out on the rest of its perks that don’t all revolve around having good sex.

In Season 3, she gets the flu and comes to realize that despite calling every guy in her little black book, none of them will come over and take care of her. Carrie eventually saves the day, but it’s difficult to watch Samantha come to the realization that if it weren’t for her few female friends, she’d be completely alone.

8 Using Maria

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

Maria Diega Reyes could have been a good partner for Samantha if she had been with her for the right reasons, but Samantha used Maria as a stepping stone to confront some of her deep-seeded pessimism about the men in her life. As a result, Maria doesn’t get to be an equal partner in the relationship; she’s simply used to help Samantha deal with her issues.

Watching Samantha come out of her shell in a nurturing partnership is bittersweet, especially since she seems truly content for the first time in a long time. It’s difficult to watch her crush Maria and ultimately leave her, especially since other than Smith Jerrod, none of the men in Samantha’s life were willing to put in half the effort Maria did.

7 Throwing Herself At Unfaithful Men

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

Part of Samantha’s merciless dating strategies came about because she’d been involved with unfaithful men. Powerful and socially important men like Dominic and Richard wooed her relentlessly only to have infidelities with other women right under her nose.

Samantha always tells herself that by getting back together with them, she’s taking back some of the agency that they took from her the first time, except it never seems to work in her favor, and she’s ultimately just cheated on again.

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6 Getting Her Heart Broken By Richard

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

Richard Wright was anything but right for Samantha, but she was drawn to his confidence, charisma, and bold power plays. She imagined that if there was anyone who would understand the way she operated, it would be the male version of herself. Unfortunately, along with her best traits he also possessed her worst.

Samantha gave it a real go with Richard, and he broke her heart. This happened repeatedly, yet she still went back to him even after she was dating Smith, someone who not only cared a great deal about her but respected her as a person.

5 Getting Breast Cancer

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

When Samantha finds out she has breast cancer, it’s one of the saddest moments in Sex and the City. While it’s heartening to watch how the girls buoy her spirit with their support, the grim journey Samantha goes on has to be done alone. She experiences a great deal of soul-searching that puts the important things in her life into perspective.

Luckily, Samantha is able to use her illness to create a positive platform, and she becomes an acclaimed speaker who brings awareness and humor to the topic of breast cancer, but the entire process defines her for much of the latter half of the series.

4 Losing Her Hair

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

In one of the most poignant scenes in the series, Sam removes the wig she’s been wearing since losing her hair from chemotherapy and tosses it into a crowd of breast cancer survivors. Her defiance is inspiring, and the other women follow her lead, bearing their bald heads to the world in a show of solidarity.

Samantha’s hair (like her sense of fashion) was always one of her defining traits, and losing it felt like losing a piece of herself, but she bravely made the choice to declare that her hair might have been gone, but her resilience would always remain.

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3 Not Being Able To Respect Other Cultures

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

When the girls take travel to Abu Dhabi in Sex and the City 2, Samantha turns into the definition of the “Ugly American Tourist”. Initially upset about not being able to bring her hormone pills to the Middle East, she decides to take her frustration out on everyone around her.

She’s loud, boorish, and refuses to respect local customs. She’s overtly sexual in public, and in one glaring display, she writhes around in the streets gyrating and throwing condoms at shocked onlookers. Fans were saddened to watch Samantha, normally known for her poise, stoop to such vulgarity.

2 Not Being Happy With What She Has

Sex And The City 10 Saddest Things About Samantha

Throughout the series, Samantha has the opportunity to be in great relationships, but none so fulfilling as the one she has with Smith Jerrod. From the beginning, Smith proves himself to be kind, nurturing, loving, and compassionate, all qualities that balance out with Samantha’s more aggressive and take-no-prisoners approach to romance and life.

Ultimately though, she can’t be happy with how their relationship progresses, and she decides she wants to be single again. It’s frustrating to watch her find fault with petty things that Smith does, especially since it makes her look like a hypocrite.

1 Breaking Up With Smith

Though they were an unlikely couple, fans rooted for Samantha and Smith because they were good for each other and brought out the best in other’s personal qualities. Smith was there for Samantha through her battle with breast cancer, and he never gave her cause to doubt his faithfulness.

Despite the fact that Samantha cheated on Smith with Richard, belittled him, and was the one who found her eye wandering again, she was the one who broke up with him, and Smith still had the decency to invite her to his movie premieres because he knew how much she loved the allure of the spotlight.

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