Shadow & Bone Glossary & Vocabulary Guide Grishaverse Terms Explained

Shadow & Bone Glossary & Vocabulary Guide: Grishaverse Terms Explained

The world of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is vast and complex and so is its vocabulary. Our encyclopedic glossary explains all the new words and terms.

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Shadow & Bone Glossary & Vocabulary Guide Grishaverse Terms Explained

Netflix’s Shadow and Bone has released and so far, it’s appealing to both longtime fans of the original books as well as captivating an entirely new audience. The Rotten Tomatoes score is currently at a 92% and the reviews for Shadow and Bone have been quite good, the common consensus being that the series has done an excellent job of adapting and modifying Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse trilogy for the small screen.

It’s a stunning, dark fantasy world that’s analogous to our own, with kingdoms and cities in the fictional realm directly inspired by a number of real places in our own world, though the bulk of the story takes place in the kingdom of Ravka. There, the war orphan Alina Starkov grows up with her best friend and fellow orphan, Malyen “Mal” Ortetsev. They’re so close they even get conscripted into the First Army of Ravka together, but, during a dangerous mission through the Shadow Fold, their convoy is attacked and Alina suddenly exhibits awe-inspiring powers for the first time. What follows is a whirlwind training as Alina is whisked away to the world of the Grisha, Ravka’s equivalent of magic-casters. With her rare powers, Alina has the potential to destroy the Shadow Fold for good and save her kingdom. But there are those who don’t necessarily have her best interests at heart and who want nothing more than to use Alina as a pawn in their own power games – or eliminate her entirely.

Shadow and Bone is being compared to Game of Thrones for its complex world-building, memorable characters, and incredible production design, music, and costuming. Like Game of Thrones, however, Shadow and Bone doesn’t hold the audiences’ hand when it comes to explaining things. The Netflix series eschews heavy and plodding exposition in favor of moving the story along – and there is a lot of story. The result is that it helps the show to feel smart and fresh, without the dumbing-down that too often happens in the fantasy, sci-fi, and comic book genres. The drawback, however, is that there are a number of unfamiliar words as the Grishaverse has a vocabulary all its own. For those wondering what this or that word is and what they mean, this handy Shadow & Bone glossary and vocabulary explainer, arranged in alphabetical order by section, will help anyone become as well-versed in the language of the Grishaverse as the Ravkans themselves.

Countries, Cities, & Locations

Shadow & Bone Glossary & Vocabulary Guide Grishaverse Terms Explained

The Barrel – The entertainment and pleasure district of the city of Ketterdam and the heart of its criminal underworld. It’s where the Crows are based, along with the other gangs, as well as their brothels and casinos. No one born in the Barrel escapes the Barrel.

Crow Club – The Ketterdam casino run by Kaz Brekker’s Crows, also known as the Dregs, and the crown jewel of their gang’s operation.

Emerald Palace – The Ketterdam gambling den owned by Pekka Rollins and the Dime Lion gang and Rollins’ pride and joy.

Fjerda – The country to the north of Ravka. Fjerda is both highly militarized and highly superstitious, thus, they are constantly skirmishing with Ravka on the borders. They also hate and fear the Grisha and purposely round up any detected Grisha within their borders for execution. Fjerda is based on the Nordic countries.

Fjerdans – The people of Fjerda.

Grand Palace – The winter residence of the royal family, currently the Lantsovs. The Grand Palace is based on the real-life Peterhof in St. Petersburg.

The Ice Court – The military stronghold and seat of nobility in Fjerda. Located in the capital city of Djerholm.

Kaelish – The people of the Wandering Isle.

Keramzin – A small village in the south of Ravka and the location of the orphanage where Alina Starkov and Mal Oretsev grew up.

Kerch – Kerch is an island nation to the east of Shu Han in the middle of the True Sea. As the hub of all international trade and main global shipping port, Kerch has amassed a great deal of wealth and has the leverage to remain neutral in international conflicts. Thanks also to its wealth, Kerch has an extensive criminal industry. Slavery is technically illegal in Kerch, but it doesn’t stop wealthy merchants and powerful crime bosses from using Grisha and lost souls as indentured servants. Kerch is based on the Dutch Republic of the 18th century with some Victorian London and New York thrown in.

Ketterdam – Ketterdam is the capital city of Kerch and the epicenter of Kerch’s booming criminal underworld. On the surface, it’s the center of international trade, but everyone knows it’s Ketterdam’s powerful crime gangs that really run the city. As some say, having a gun being pulled on you is basically Ketterdam’s equivalent of a handshake. Ketterdam is inspired by Amsterdam and Antwerp with some seedy Las Vegas.

Kribirsk – Kribirsk is a city that was previously in central Ravka but now sits on the east side of the Shadow Fold and serves as the crossing point for that side. It was once a small town in the middle of nowhere but has since built up to become a bustling port as the last stop before crossing the fold to the west.

Little Palace – The home of the Grisha Second Army. It’s situated near the Grand Palace in Os Alta and has extensive training grounds and laboratories for the various orders of Grisha to practice the Small Science. The Little Palace is inspired by the Church of the Transfiguration in Kizhi Island, Russia.

The Menagerie – Also known as the House of Exotics, it’s the Ketterdam brothel run by Tante Heleen and also where Kaz Brekker met Inej Ghafa and bought out her indenture. It’s known as brothel where people can go to to find exotic women, each given a special animal name based on their country of origin. It’s also the headquarters of a prostitution ring and most of the Menagerie’s girls are indentured servants.

Novokribirsk – The western counterpart to Kribirsk, Novokribirsk was an equally small town that exploded in size when it became the entry point to the Shadow Fold from the west.

Novyi Zem – Also known as the nation of Zemeni, Novyi Zem sits across the True Sea opposite Fjerda and Ravka. It’s bordered by the Wandering Isle to the north, the Southern Colonies to the South, and the True Sea to the East. Novyi Zem is a relatively young nation compared to the others and has become known as a haven for those who want to start a new life. It’s also the sole producer of jurda. Novyi Zem is inspired by the frontier colonies of America and Australia.

The Orchid – One of Ketterdam’s lesser brothels.

Orphanage – The orphanage for war orphans and war widows started by Duke Keramsov on his estate when he returned from war. It’s run by housekeeper-slash-headmistress Ana Kuya. Where Alina and Mal grew up.

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Os Alta – The capital of Ravka. It’s the political and cultural center of Ravka, being both where the royal family is located half the year and where the Grisha live and train. Most of the rich and aristocratic families of Ravka live in Os Alta, meaning Ravka’s diminishing wealth flows into the city rather than to the people.

Os Kervo – The second most important and second-largest city in Ravka next to Os Alta. It’s situated in the west of Ravka on the shores of the True Sea. As such, it’s cut off from the rest of Ravka by the Shadow Fold. However, it freely receives all the trade and supplies choked off from the rest of Ravka. A movement to separate from the rest of Ravka and become the country of West Ravka is gaining ground in Os Kervo.

Ravka – The main kingdom of the series. It’s where most of the Grisha and a number of the main characters of the series are from, including Alina, Mal, and General Kirigan. Ravka is constantly at war with Fjerda to the north and Shu Han to the south. It’s also dealing with a brewing civil war thanks to the country’s resources drying up due to the Shadow Fold cutting off trade and supply routes. Ravka is the only country to fully embrace the Grisha, making them its Second Army and affording them elite status in society. Ravka is based on 18th-century Tsarist Russia.

Ravkans – The people of Ravka.

Shadow Fold – Also known as the Unsea, the Shadow Fold is a swath of near-impenetrable darkness filled with volcra and other monsters that cleaves the kingdom of Ravka in two. Legend has it the Black Heretic created the Fold ages ago, but no one knows exactly how it was made.

Shu – The people and descendants of Shu Han.

Shu Han – The kingdom to the south of and currently at war with Ravka. Shu Han is a scientifically and technologically advanced nation, though that’s due largely to its inhumane treatment of and experiments on its Grisha. Shu Han is a matriarchal monarchy currently ruled by the Taban family. Shu Han is based on Mongolia and China.

Southern Colonies – A piece of land to the south of Novyi Zem and currently colonized by Kerch.

True Sea – The main ocean of the world, it separates the major nations in two: Novyi Zem, the Southern Colonies and the Wandering Isle to the east; Fjerda, Ravka and Shu Han to the west with Kerch in the middle.

Tsibeya – An inhospitable, frozen tundra region covered by permafrost that separates the northern border of Ravka from Fjerda.

The Wandering Isle – An island nation to the north of Novyi Zem and across the True Sea from northern Fjerda. Its people are mostly red-haired and green-eyed. Not much is known about the Wandering Isle save for the rumors that the Kaelish people believe Grisha blood to be a cure-all so they practice rituals of killing Grisha to drink their blood. The Wandering Isle is based on Ireland.

Zemeni – The people of Novyi Zem.

Characters & People

Shadow & Bone Glossary & Vocabulary Guide Grishaverse Terms Explained

Alexei (Antonín Masek) – A cartographer in Alina’s unit in the First Army. Flees the ship and escapes when the sandskiff is attacked by volcra crossing the Fold. Is unintentionally instrumental in setting the Crows’ plans into motion.

Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) – The main protagonist. A teenage orphan who discovers she has the rare powers of a Sun Summoner. As such she’s the only one who can destroy the Shadow Fold. Torn between her childhood love of Mal and the attraction she feels for the Darkling.

Ana Kuya (Elizabeth Rider) – Housekeeper and headmistress of the orphanage on Duke Keramsov’s estate. A stern but kindhearted woman who tries to do right by her orphans. Factors into a number of Alina’s and Mal’s memories.

The Apparat (Kevin Eldon) – A priest and the spiritual advisor of King Pyotr. He is a fanatical religious zealot obsessed with Alina and her powers as he believes her to be a living saint. Inspired by the real-life historical figure of Rasputin.

Arken Visser (Howard Charles) – Otherwise known as The Conductor, he’s a mechanical engineer and smuggler who has figured out a way to cross the Shadow Fold from under the prying eyes of authorities by building an ingenious train mechanism across the Fold. Is also working with the West Ravkan general in the First Army to foment civil war.

Baghra (Zoë Wanamaker) – An ancient Grisha of indeterminate age, Baghra has trained generations of Grisha to unlock their gifts. Strict, unforgiving in her training, and with a wickedly sharp tongue, but she does it bring the best out of the Grisha she trains. The only other known Shadow Summoner and living amplifier in the world along with the Darkling.

The Black Heretic – Half Ravkan history and half myth, the Black Heretic is the Shadow Summoner who created the Shadow Fold centuries ago. His name is still spoken about in hushed whispers or with a curse.

Botkin Yul-Erdene (Hon Ping Tang) – A former Shu Han mercenary who now serves as the hand-to-hand combat instructor and weapons master for the Grisha of the Little Palace. Botkin was recruited by the Darkling.

Commander Chalikov (Steven Hartley) – The head of the First Army and Mal’s commander. A battle-hardened veteran, Chalikov harbors a deep dislike and disdain for the Grisha due to his non-Grisha soldiers always being treated like cannon fodder while the Grisha are exalted.

David Kostyk (Luke Pasqualino) – A shy and socially awkward Fabrikator who is nonetheless a genius with metal and one of the best Durasts in the Second Army. Despite his quiet and awkward ways, he’s attracted the eye of Genya Safin.

Dreesen (Sean Gilder) – A ruthless Ketterdam merchant who has Alexei kidnapped to learn the identity of the rumored Sun Summoner. Hires the Crows their job to kidnap Alina Starkov and promises them a million dollars if they succeed.

Dubrov (Andy Burse) – One of Mal’s two best friends in the First Army and a fellow tracker. A bit gullible and slow, he’s nonetheless a loyal friend.

Fedyor Kaminsky (Julian Kostov) – A skilled and powerful Heartrender and one of the Darkling’s right-hand men. Along with Ivan, he’s one of two Grisha assigned to travel with and protect Alina on the way to the Little Palace when her powers are discovered. He’s also given the mission of tracking down the missing Nina Zenik by the Darkling. Has a jovial and friendly personality and takes a liking to Alina.

General Kirigan a.k.a. The Darkling (Ben Barnes) – Leader of the Grisha Second Army and the most powerful Grisha in existence. One of only two known Shadow Summoners and also a living amplifier. Wants what’s best for Ravka and especially the Grisha but is not all he appears to be. His real first name is Aleksander.

General Zlatan (Tom Weston-Jones) – A charismatic general in the First Army stationed in West Ravka. He’s the leader of the growing movement to break away from the rest of Ravka and become their own country.

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Genya Safin (Daisy Head) – The only known Tailor in the world and serves in the Grand Palace as the Queen’s personal assistant. She was chosen by the Darkling and gifted to the Queen at a young age to foster relationships between the royal family and the Grisha and to gather information. Is Alina’s first and closest friend at the Little Palace.

Inej “The Wraith” Ghafa (Amita Suman) – Kaz Brekker’s right-hand woman, and the Crows’ master spy. Of Suli background and trained as an acrobat. Nicknamed “The Wraith” in Ketterdam’s criminal circles thanks to her ghostlike ability to get into any room and infiltrated any building. Has multiple knives on her at all times. Despite this, is deeply devout to her Suli religion.

Ivan (Simon Sears) – A fiercely dedicated Heartrender and the Grisha combat partner to Fedyor, the other half of the Darkling’s prized Heartrender pair. Cold and unfriendly toward Alina, but Kirigan says he’s like that with everyone. Fiercely loyal to the Darkling.

Jesper Fahey (Kit Young) – The Crows’ sharpshooter with near-perfect aim. Incorrigible flirt with a gambling addiction, he never misses a chance to roll the dice of sleep with a pretty man – but also never misses in a fight or a shoot-out. Of Zemeni background and may or may not have uncanny abilities.

Kaz “Dirtyhands” Brekker (Freddy Carter) – The de facto leader of the Crows, also known as the Dregs. Young but already one of the Barrel’s rising kingpins thanks to being a master strategist, ambitious, and daring. Called “Dirtyhands” by some for his willingness to do any job no matter how violent or dangerous; called the Bastard of the Barrel by others. Always wears black gloves and carries a cane with a silver crow’s head handle.

King Pyotr (David Verrey) – The king of Ravka and a feckless, ignorant, overly-indulged man. A lazy leader who appears to not be bothered or even notice that his country is falling apart and people starving while he gorges himself in the Grand Palace. It’s strongly implied he regularly forces himself on Genya.

Malyen “Mal” Oretsev (Archie Renaux) – Alina’s best friend from childhood and from the same orphanage. An exceptionally gifted tracker and soldier in the First Army. Conscripted to track down and kill Morozova’s Stag for the Darkling. Has unvoiced feelings for Alina.

Marie (Jasmine Blackborow) – An Inferni at the Little Palace and the best friend of Nadia. Marie is a bit gossipy and vain, but is one of the only Grisha to befriend Alina. Acts as Alina’s stand-in during the Winter Fete.

Matthias Helvar (Calahan Skogman) – A Fjerdan Drüskelle soldier who captures Nina when she’s on a mission. Uptight, bullheaded, and unfriendly, but also has a strict moral code he won’t break. There’s a kinder, more open person struggling to break out from under his harsh upbringing.

Mikhael (Angus Castle-Doughty) – Mal’s other best friend and fellow tracker in the First Army. He’s quick-witted and a true friend, being the first to enlist him and Dubrov to accompany Mal on dangerous missions.

Milana (Julia Ubrankovics) – Heartrender who works at the Orchid. Enlisted by Kaz Brekker to give to Dreesen as a gift and is the Heartrender to interrogate Alexei.

Milo – The goat that Jesper holds and bonds with during the Crows’ first time through the Shadow Fold with the Conductor and that unintentionally helps Mal escape the Grisha camp. A survivor just like the Crows.

Morozova – Also known as The Bonesmith. One of the earliest and most powerful Grisha to ever have existed. He created mystical, legendarily rare animals using the bones of his fingers. Those animals created the most powerful amplifiers ever known to Grishakind, but are largely considered a myth. In the books, he’s also known as Sankt Ilya in Chains.

Nadia (Gabrielle Brooks) – A Tidemaker and Marie’s best friend. Like Marie, she’s one of the only Grisha to befriend Alina at the Little Palace, though her sometimes flighty nature grates on Alina.

Nina Zenik (Danielle Galligan) – A Ravkan Heartrender and spy on a secret mission for General Kirigan, a.k.a. the Darkling. Beautiful, bold, and big-hearted, Nina is the first to create a few cracks in Matthias’ metaphorical armor. Nina is loyal to her country and often puts Ravka’s needs above her own.

Pekka Rollins (Dean Lennox Kelly) – An absolutely ruthless crime lord and the leader of the Dime Lions gang. He rules Ketterdam’s criminal underworld with an iron fist and nothing happens in the Barrel he doesn’t know about. Will kill whoever gets in his way without a second thought. Kaz Brekker’s main rival. They have a bitter history.

Poppy (Micah Holmes) – A dancer and entertainer at the Emerald Palace. A former friend and business partner to Kaz and associate of Arken. Is the one who gives Kaz the location of Arken.

Prince Vasily (George Parker) – The prince of Ravka who appears to be as lazy and indulged as his parents.

Queen Tatiana (Georgia Reece) – The queen of Ravka. Vain, imperious, and condescending, Tatiana is obsessed with her looks and dismissive of those she considers beneath her.

Rotty (Narinder Samra) – A lower-level member of the Crows and one of Kaz Brekker’s messengers.

Tante Heleen (Deirdre Mullins) – The owner and madam of The Menagerie. Arguably the most powerful woman in the Barrel who will not hesitate to eliminate her competition or anyone who interferes in her business. Bought Inej as an indentured servant to work in The Menagerie and has no problems trying to thwart Kaz Brekker’s plans to keep him from buying out Inej’s indenture.

Tofin (Jimmy Clark) – First Army soldier who rides with Mal to the Little Palace to deliver the news to the Darkling that Morozova’s Stag had been found.

Zoya Nazyalensky (Sujaya Dasgupta) – An unusually skilled Squaller and the Darkling’s favored Grisha until Alina came along. She’s extremely jealous of and hostile toward Alina for this reason. Despite this, Zoya is extremely courageous and will do what’s right to protect those around her. She’s extremely shrewd and level-headed, making her a good advisor.

Grisha Terminology

Shadow & Bone Glossary & Vocabulary Guide Grishaverse Terms Explained

Alkemi – Grisha in the Materialki order who have the ability to manipulate chemicals and poisons. Their purple keftas are embroidered with red.

Corporalki – The Order of the Living and the Dead. Corporalki can control and manipulate the body at the molecular level, whether to destroy or heal. Considered the highest order of Grisha. Their keftas are red.

Corpsewitch – Grisha in the Corporalki order who have the ability to manipulate dead flesh and necromancy. They are rare enough to be thought of as mere myths.

Durast – Grisha in the Materialki order who have the ability to manipulate and transform solid matter and materials such as metal, wood, stone, and glass. Their purple keftas are embroidered with gray.

Etherealki – The Order of Summoners. Etherealki can control and manipulate the natural elements of the world including fire, water, and air. Extremely rarely, some Grisha can manipulate shadows and darkness or sunlight. Considered the second-highest order of Grisha. The Etherealkis’ keftas are dark blue.

Fabrikator – Another name for the Grisha of the Materialki order.

Healer – Grisha in the Corporalki order who have the ability to heal wounds, cure some illnesses, mend broken bones and restore vitality. Their red keftas are embroidered with gray.

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Heartrender – Grisha in the Corporalki order who have the ability to damage a person’s internal organs, steal the air from a person’s lungs, crush their windpipe, slow down a heart. Their red keftas are embroidered with black.

Inferni – Grisha in the Etherealki order who have the ability to control and manipulate fire. They are usually paired with other Inferni. Their blue keftas are embroidered in red.

Materialki – The Order of Fabrikators. Materialki have the ability to manipulate composite materials, whether man-made or natural and are thus the inventors and fabricators of the Grisha world. Considered the lowest order of Grisha. Their keftas are purple.

Shadow Summoner – An extremely rare Grisha of the Etherealki order, Shadow Summoners have the ability to manipulate and control darkness and shadows. Only two Shadow Summoners are currently known to exist: The Darkling and Baghra. The Darkling is the only Grisha who is permitted to wear an all-black kefta.

Squallers – Grisha in the Etherealki order who have the ability to manipulate and control air and air pressure. They are usually paired with Tidemakers. Their blue keftas are embroidered in silver.

Sun Summoner – The rarest of summoners of the Etherealki order. Sun Summoners have the ability to manipulate and control pure sunlight and heat. At the moment, Alina Starkov is the only known Sun Summoner in the world. Alina is permitted to not wear a black kefta, but a blue one with gold embroidery.

Tailor – A very rare Grisha in the Corporalki order. Tailors have the ability to change a person’s appearance, making them great for cosmetic reasons or spycraft. Currently, Genya Safis is the only known Tailor in existence. Tailors do not have a kefta color; Genya wears the gold-embroidered cream keftas of the palace servants.

Tidemakers – Grisha in the Etherealki order who have the ability to manipulate and control water. They are usually paired with Squallers. Their blue keftas are embroidered in lighter blue.

Other/General Terminology

Amplifier – Rare and powerful artifacts that can increase a Grisha’s power. They’re made from the bones, teeth, feathers, and other parts of certain animals. Only the Grisha who slays the animal can wear the amplifier. In the books, they are merely worn as accessories; in the series, they are grafted into the skin.

Crows – Kaz Brekker’s crew and a quickly-rising gang in the Barrel, even though its leaders are young. Owners of the Crow Club.

The Cut – A rare and exceedingly deadly move that none but the most powerful Summoners can master. It involves shaping shadows or light into a blade of pure matter that can cut through anything in existence, both organic and inorganic.

Dime Lions – Pekka Rollins’ gang and the most powerful gang in Ketterdam. For now.

Dregs – Another name for the Crows. In the books, this is the official name of the gang.

Drüsje – The Fjerdan word for “witch.”

Drüskelle – Elite Fjerdan units of holy soldiers that specialize in witch-hunting. They track down Grisha and bring them back to the Ice Court for sentencing, but no sentencing has ever ended in anything but death. Even more superstitious and fearful of Grisha than most Fjerdans, Drüskelle are trained and taught from a young age that Grisha are evil creatures who put spells on humans and murder them.

Fentomen – What a passing Kerch traveler calls Alina and Mal. It’s Kerch for “ghosts.” But it also means “survivors.”

First Army – The Ravkan army comprised of non-Grisha forces. The First Army operates largely independently of the Second Army and is treated as the lesser of the two armies despite having the highest number of casualties. There is a great deal of resentment among First Army soldiers for the Grisha.

Grisha – The word for people who have the ability tap into and practice the Small Science, what most would call magic.

Grishaverse – The term for the fictional universe that encompasses all of Leigh Bardugo’s books set in that world. So far, that includes the original Grisha trilogy of Shadow and Bone, Seige and Storm, and Ruin and Rising; the Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom duology; and the King of Scars/Rule of Wolves duology.

Kefta – The long, embroidered coats worn by the Grisha army. Each Grisha order has its own kefta color.

Kruge – Kerch currency

Merzost – A dark and forbidden Grisha practice. Merzost pushes beyond the boundaries of the natural world and the Small Science, perverting the act of creation. Only a few Grisha in history have been powerful enough, desperate enough, or power-hungry enough to attempt merzost. Extracts a terrible price upon the Grisha who attempts it, often rebounding in horrible ways. How the Shadow Fold was created.

“Moi Tsar” – A Ravkan phrase meaning “My Tsar.” The equivalent of “Your Highness” or “My King.”

Morozova’s Stag – A giant, mythical white stag and the first of the legendary amplifiers Morozova created. The antlers of the Stag are said to grant the Grisha who claims them unimaginable power. The stag that keeps appearing to Alina in her dreams.

“Moya Tsaritsa” – A Ravkan phrase meaning “My Tsarina.” The equivalent of “Your Highness” or “My Queen.”

Nichevo’ya – Creatures created out of pure shadow by the Darkling and that do his bidding. A bite from a nichevo’ya can poison a person; enough bites can turn them into a nichevo’ya abomination. In Ravkan, the word means “nothings.”

Oprichnik – A member of the Darkling’s personal guards. They are elite Grisha. (pl. oprichniki)

Otkazat’sya – Ravkan word for those born without Grisha gifts. The otkazat’sya are literally “the abandoned” in the Ravkan language. Can also be used as a word for “orphan.”

“Saints!” – A common saying used as anything from a mild exclamation to an angry expletive. A widely-known phrase used in multiple countries.

Sandskiffs – The giant, low-slung ships built by the Grisha to traverse the Shadow Fold. Built on giant skis to glide over sand after Squallers fill their large sails with wind.

Sankt/Sankta – The Ravkan male/female word meaning “saint.” The people of Ravka have started to refer to Alina as Sankta Alina.

Second Army – The Ravkan army comprised of Grisha. Though much smaller than the First Army, the Second Army is considered elite and treated far better. Due to decades of being shunned and feared, the Grisha now look down on the First Army and non-Grisha.

The Small Science – The Grisha term for their gifts. Grisha have the ability to manipulate and control matter at the molecular level, i.e. the smallest science.

Stadtwatch – The police force of the city of Ketterdam.

Volcra – Monstrous creatures that populate and prowl the Shadow Fold. Giant flying hunters with leathery wings, razor-sharp and dirty talons that can poison a person, and jagged teeth. Said to be blind due to living in darkness but hunt by sound and smell. Few who are caught by a volcra escape.

Winter Fete – Also referred to as The King and Queen’s Fete, it’s a grand ball held during the winter season. Attended by the nobility and the Grisha. A lavish party the Darkling considers a waste of time and what limited resources they have.

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