Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

Spectacular Spider-Man: 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

Spectacular Spider-Man is a must-watch for any fan of the franchise. If you’re looking to get started, this list picks out the top 10 episodes.

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Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

One of the finest examples of superhero television is Spectacular Spider-Man, as many fans on IMDb will tell you. While the series was short-lived, lasting only two seasons, it is beloved by many fans of the web-slinging superhero. Spectacular Spider-Man created a magnificent world full of Spider-Man’s notable friends and foes. The show found a way to take many elements of the extended Spider-Man lore and bring all-new life to it.

Spectacular Spider-Man is a must-watch for any fan of the character. If you’re looking to get started, this list will give you the top 10 episodes of the show, as voted on by IMDb users.

10 “Shear Strength” (Season 2, Episode 4): 8.3

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

A common theme with the best Spectacular Spider-Man episodes is how the show continuously crafts incredible new stories out of the comic book lore. This is once again evident in “Shear Strength,” which has an 8.3 rating on IMDb. This episode features another face-off between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, where the villain kidnaps Gwen Stacy.

“Shear Strength” is the show’s take on the legendary “If This Be My Destiny…!” comic arc. From the Master Planner to the iconic imagery of Spider-Man stuck underneath rubble, it’s an incredible tribute to the comics. That’s what makes Spectacular Spider-Man so special – it’s a love letter to the comics that still feels original.

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9 “Catalysts” (Season 1, Episode 7): 8.4

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

“Catalysts” is a fantastic example of how Spectacular Spider-Man finds new ways to pay homage to the original comics. This episode, which has an 8.4 score, follows Peter jumping between fighting Green Goblin and attending the school dance with Mary Jane. It wraps up many classic Spider-Man tropes – Peter’s love lives, a mild-mannered Otto Octavius, and even J, Jonah Jameson’s son.

Spectacular Spider-Man always knows how to make exciting episodes that feel like the classic comics. The reimaginings of classic characters and moments are the perfect blend of new stories with beloved characters. “Catalysts” is a fantastic blend of old and new.

8 “The Invisible Hand” (Season 1, Episode 6): 8.4

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

Like “Catalysts,” “The Invisible Hand” has an 8.4 rating from IMDb users. This episode features Peter’s fight with new villain The Rhino, and even features a similar armored truck robbery opening to the opening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It also features the debut of Mary Jane Watson, with a new version of the famous “face it tiger.” line.

One of the most interesting things Spectacular Spider-Man changes from Spider-Man’s lore is the villains. A lot of the villains in this series come from the minds of Norman Osborn and Otto Octavious. The way all the villains are connected in Spectacular Spider-Man adds an extra layer of impact that especially shines through in this episode.

7 “Natural Selection” (Season 1, Episode 3): 8.5

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

This is one of the first episodes that highlights Peter’s struggle with his secret identity. “Natural Selection” focuses on Dr. Curt Connors, the kind scientist who turns into the villainous Lizard. While the episode builds on things set up in the last two episodes – like Eddie Brock and Electro – it’s one of the strongest standalone stories of the series.

The way Spectacular Spider-Man weaves all the elements of Peter’s life into this storyline is incredible. The juxtaposition of Peter Parker and Dr. Connors, and their struggles with reckoning their real lives with their alter egos, is very powerful television. The episode currently has a well-deserved 8.5 on IMDb.

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6 “Gangland” (Season 2, Episode 10): 8.7

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

Valentine’s Day is a rather sour affair for Spider-Man. “Gangland” is another episode where Peter is forced to choose between his love life and crime-fighting life. In this episode, which IMDb users gave an 8.7, Peter has to leave his group date behind to fight three crime bosses, who are all fighting each other.

Even for a half-hour series, Spectacular Spider-Man finds the time to explore the personal lives of Spider-Man’s villains. Not only do we spend time with Doc Ock, Tombstone, and Silvermane, we even get important scenes with lesser villains. Hammerhead and Mark Allen (who becomes Molten Man) each get a moment to shine, in an episode with tons of great character moments.

5 “Identity Crisis” (Season 2, Episode 7): 8.8

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

Much like the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home, “Identity Crisis” is all about what happens after Peter’s secret identity is exposed. Venom not only leaks Spider-Man’s alter ego, but he also steals a serum that would depower him forever. “Identity Crisis” has an 8.8 on IMDb, and it’s an anxiety trip all the way through.

Spectacular Spider-Man is no stranger to the tragedy behind Spider-Man. However, this episode highlights how powerless Spider-Man can be. Peter nearly loses everything in both of his lives. It’s a dramatic episode that proves animation can tackle mature themes and cements Spectacular Spider-Man as one of the greatest Spider-Man stories.

4 “Group Therapy” (Season 1, Episode 11): 8.9

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

This is yet another episode that features the evil alien symbiote. However, it’s not even close to Spider-Man’s biggest problem in this episode. “Group Therapy” features the formation of Spectacular Spider-Man’s iteration of the Sinister Six. It’s a high-energy episode and it’s no wonder it rocks an 8.9 on IMDb.

Perhaps the coolest element of this episode is the third act fight between Spider-Man and the Sinister Six. Peter is actually asleep throughout the fight, while the symbiote controls his unconscious body. This hardcore fight between a sleeping Spidey and his greatest foes highlights the best of Spectacular Spider-Man’s action.

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3 “Final Curtain” (Season 2, Episode 13): 9.0

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

“Final Curtain” is the second season finale, and became the series finale too. The episode is all about the mystery of Green Goblin’s identity, and Peter’s love life struggles. The several twists and turns of this episode make it an engaging watch, and powerful finale.

It’s sad that the episode became the series finale, but the episode itself is incredibly tragic. Like many of the most powerful Spider-Man stories, the life of Peter Parker is incredibly tragic. Even though Spider-Man beats Green Goblin, he loses so much along the way. It’s a tough but moving episode to end the series on, which is likely why it earned a 9 out of 10 by IMDb fans.

2 “Intervention” (Season 1, Episode 12): 9.0

Spectacular SpiderMan 10 Best Episodes According to IMDB

“Intervention,” which is also rated 9 out of 10 on IMDb, is the lead-in for the previously mentioned “Nature vs. Nurture.” Peter Parker’s still rocking the symbiote, but he figures out that it’s evil, and tries to free himself from it. It’s another fantastic episode that explores the tragedy that defines Spider-Man, specifically with his superhero start.

Much like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spectacular Spider-Man doesn’t start with a retelling of Spider-Man’s origin. This episode is the introduction of Uncle Ben to the series, as he guides Peter through his inner struggle. It’s a powerful way to explore Peter and Ben’s relationship beyond the overdone story of Ben’s death.

1 “Nature vs. Nurture” (Season 1, Episode 13): 9.3

The first season finale is many fans’ favorite, boasting a 9.3 on IMDb. The episode caps off the first conflict between Spider-Man and Venom. The episode features a high-stakes fight above the Thanksgiving Day Parade, as Spider-Man tries to save Gwen from Venom.

The series does a fantastic job with the rivalry between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock. In Spectacular Spider-Man, the two are best bros. The way the first season pulls the two apart before Eddie gets the symbiote is heartbreakingly compelling. Spectacular Spider-Man isn’t afraid to get dark, and thank goodness, because it’s so good at it.

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