Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

Star Wars: 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

Darth Vader is one of the most legendary villains for both Star Wars and movies in general. Of course, he has some awesome scenes showcasing this.

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Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

Had Darth Vader been part of the sequel trilogy in Star Wars, then you can be certain that hype for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker would’ve been off the charts. After all, the character’s popularity led to him being the star of the prequel trilogy, the video games that form part of the series media, and the overall franchise.

Darth Vader’s main draw comes from how cool he is, with just about every Star Wars fan loving the voice acting and presentation of the character. In this list, we’ve considered his Anakin Skywalker persona the same as Darth Vader during the times when Anakin gave into the dark side. That said, here are 10 of Darth Vader’s coolest scenes.

10 Leia’s Interrogation

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

Those watching Star Wars for the first time weren’t sure of Darth Vader, most likely thinking he might be a generic bad guy based on his appearance. Full points to James Earl Jones’ voiceover here, as he ensured Darth Vader came across like a badass in his confrontation with Leia.

Rather than react in a monotone manner as one would expect, Darth Vader was animated in his accusation toward Leia, spitting back at her lies by branding her a traitor and a part of the rebel alliance. That quote of his has gone down as one of the more repeated ones from the series.

9 Defiance After The Battle On Mustafar

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

This was when Anakin truly began embodying the spirit of Darth Vader, so we’ll be considering him as having fully embraced the latter persona by this point. While the battle itself was incredible, and easily the highlight of the prequel trilogy, the coolest moment was by its end.

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After he’d lost to Obi-Wan because of the rather comical “high ground” logic, Anakin was still defiant. It was by looking at the color his eyes were morphing into that we saw the beginning of the evil Darth Vader manifesting. This sight completed his turn for the worst, although it still made for some awesome viewing as he loudly yelled “I hate you!” at Obi-Wan.

8 Smack Talk Toward Obi-Wan

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

The Battle of Mustafar ended up making the confrontation between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in A New Hope lose its value in choreography, but it couldn’t take away from Vader’s coolness in line delivery. Here, it was his jab at Obi-Wan that really made the scene.

When the two rivals locked up, Vader started out by claiming he was a learner no more and was now the real master, before making an even better claim by telling Obi-Wan that his “powers are weak, old man.” It would’ve sounded funny coming from anybody else, but Darth Vader managed to make it both memorable and awesome.

7 Taking Out Dooku

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

Influenced by Palpatine and motivated to kill so brutally? Yup, this was a total Darth Vader moment for Anakin Skywalker and qualifies here. As it happened, Count Dooku once again was on hand to antagonize Obi-Wan and Anakin, only to learn the latter was too powerful when tapping into the dark side.

Mocking Anakin turned out to be Dooku’s worst mistake, since it led to the former trapping Dooku’s hands in a bind before slicing them off. When an amused Palpatine ordered Anakin to kill Dooku, Anakin mercilessly sliced off Dooku’s head off his shoulders; it was brutal, but a fine scene to signal the approach of the Darth Vader persona.

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6 Making Jerjerrod Pay For Disrespect

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

This was a deleted scene from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, which is a pity since it showed Darth Vader had no qualms in potentially killing off his own allies even in times of duress. In the scene, Vader arrived for an audience with the Emperor, but found his path blocked by Jerjerrod.

Given an unusual amount of power by the Emperor, Jerjerrod attempted to subtly mock Vader by flatly denying him entry without explaining that the emperor had commanded it. For this reason, he got a neck full of Vader’s trademark force choke, as we saw Jerjerrod gasp for air and realize he’d made a horrible mistake.

5 Disturbing Lack Of Faith

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

What we learned here was to never talk ill of the Force in the presence of Darth Vader, lest anyone be in the mood for some force choking to be dealt out. It also came at a time when the Force’s capabilities weren’t fully known, so watching someone be choked out by a simple hand gesture was scary to say the least.

Within the scene, Admiral Motti was foolish enough to mock Darth Vader’s belief in the power of the Force and called it an “ancient religion.” He was then made a believer for sure, as Vader found his lack of faith disturbing and doled out practical proof of the Force.

4 Force Choke Through Screen

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

Darth Vader might let you off the hook for being either clumsy or stupid, but if you’re both together at once then it’s curtains for you. Admiral Ozzel found this out the hard way as Darth Vader took his anger out on him.

When Ozzel’s plans resulted in the resistance knowing the Empire’s location, Vader had Ozzel onscreen for a chat. Here he proceeded to give out orders to Captain Piett while simultaneously choking the life out of Ozzel. The casualness with which Vader carried this out made it one of his absolute best kills.

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3 Choking On Aspirations

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

Rogue One had a number of high points that made it a great anthology film, one of them being Darth Vader’s appearance. When we first saw him here, he had an interaction with Director Krennic, which established how Vader could even make a pun sound like a threat.

After chastising Krennic for almost giving away knowledge of the existence of the Death Star, Krennic was foolish enough to believe he was still in charge over Tarkin; however, Vader painfully informed Krennic not to push his luck as we saw the latter double over to the floor as Vader turned around to reveal he had the director in a force choke.

2 Revealing His Status As Luke’s Father

Star Wars 10 Coolest Darth Vader Scenes

It’s gone down as one of the biggest twists in all of cinema, and full points go to Darth Vader for making this grand reveal what it was. Making it even better was how Vader was shown to be willing to kill the Emperor if it meant Luke would join him.

Here, Luke’s defiance against Vader got flipped on him hard as the latter made it clear that he hadn’t killed Luke’s father…he was Luke’s father! The music, the chills, and Darth Vader’s monologue all ensured the scene was a total classic.

1 Hallway Horror Show

You don’t associate Star Wars with the horror genre, but this was easily a horror scene in display as we saw Darth Vader completely annihilate rebel forces. Here, the sound of Vader’s iconic breaths filled the darkened hallway, before his lightsaber was ignited and the scares began.

Vader would deflect every shot fired at him with ease, and used the Force to hold the soldiers in place, as the men’s screams filled the hallway. It was like the devil himself was walking that hall, as he laid waste to every man before him. The chilling music did a wonderful job too, as Darth Vader’s coolest scene ever played out for us to marvel at.

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