Star Wars Project Maverick What We Know About The Secret Game

Star Wars Project Maverick: What We Know About The Secret Game

Here’s everything we know about EA’s plans for Star Wars: Project Maverick, recently reveal via a Playstation Network leak.

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Star Wars Project Maverick What We Know About The Secret Game

After an incredibly rocky start, EA is getting slightly better at churning out Star Wars games. We’re still far from satisfied with their handling of the franchise, but at least Fallen Order was a decent Dark Souls-esque romp and Battlefront II is in much better shape than it was previously (plus it’ll be free soon, so that’s a nice bonus.) The big question now is what’s next for EA and their future plans for adventures set in a galaxy far, far away. At this point, everyone is expecting a sequel to Fallen Order, but beyond that, fans have been mostly left in the dark.

However, there is one project that we’ve heard about that may or may not currently be in development. A little while back there was a leak about something known as Star Wars: Project Maverick. This came from a Twitter account called PSN Releases, which used to leak information that was data-mined directly from the Playstation Network. Of course, we say used to because right now the account is currently suspended, which for conspiracy theorists might mean that everything it posted was true and that angered the corporate gaming overlords enough to get it shut down.

So, going by the info we have right now, what do we know about this supposed Star Wars: Project Maverick?

Leaks Fresh From The Data Mines

Star Wars Project Maverick What We Know About The Secret Game

The very first hint towards the existence of Project Maverick came from a now unavailable tweet from March. The image above was the first piece of artwork shared from the game, although it doesn’t offer much beyond a logo, the shadow of a Star Destroyer, and what might be flowing lava. It would be easy to dismiss the image as something made in Photoshop by an overzealous Star Wars fan/amateur game designer/internet troll. Except that it apparently came straight from PSN, which does lend it a bit of legitimacy.

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Another piece of evidence that points towards Maverick’s development is the fact that information about a beta was also data-mined. Again, the actual tweet has long since been erased, but a file with the catchy title of “EP0006-CUSA19053_00-MAVERICKBETA0001” was found on PSN. Typically, games with major multiplayer components are the ones to get betas on consoles which makes it seem like Maverick could be something in the same vein as the Battlefront games. This is also supported by the fact that the game has a Play Together – the feature that lets players start a game together from a party – rating of 5. That could either mean that Maverick’s competitive multiplayer matches involve teams of 5 or maybe it features some kind of cooperative multiplayer with 5 players.

The mere fact that this came from PSN itself suggests that Maverick is releasing on the PS4, and since this is an EA title, it’ll likely make appearances on the Xbox One and PC. Considering the next generation of consoles is just around the corner, it’ll presumably be available on both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X as well.

Other notable tidbits about Maverick data-mined from PSN include the fact that it doesn’t seem to have any VR compatibility. That doesn’t necessarily mean that VR couldn’t come to the game later. There was also an MP3 up on PSN related to the project, but that could have just been placeholder music.

The Proper Motive

Star Wars Project Maverick What We Know About The Secret Game

EA Motive has been confirmed as the developer of Project Maverick. If this is indeed a multiplayer title, then it makes sense for Motive to be behind the wheel considering their past work on Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. They also worked on Battlefront II’s campaign mode, so they already have prior experience in the world of Sith and Jedis. They even were a part of the previously canceled Project Ragtag, the game that Uncharted’s Amy Hennig was working on before EA decided to unceremoniously pull the plug. In fact, all signs seem to indicate that Project Maverick is actually the “smaller-scale project” that replaced Ragtag.

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To add fuel to the fire, Reddit user gregthorntree posted a list of social media interactions between EA Motive, former Kotaku writer Jason Schrier, and current GamesBeat writer Jeff Grubb that laid a solid foundation for more Project Maverick rumors.

It began with Schrier responding to the developer’s first tweet on the platform:

Which then led to Jeff Grubb posting this GIF:

For you youngins born long after the 80s, that’s a clip of Tom Cruise’s character from Top Gun, whose call sign was Maverick. This also ties into yet another tweet from Grubb – this is really going down the Twitter rabbit hole, isn’t it? – involving his summer game itinerary:

On this list, we see June 2nd accompanied by the phrase “Mel Gibson picture.” Again, for those who didn’t exist during the height of Mel Gibson’s fame, this must be a reference to his 1994 film, Maverick. This series of tweets look to indicate that not only is this game happening, but we may find out all about it come June 2nd.

On a side note, it’s awfully convenient that June’s free game with Playstation Plus is Battlefront II. Perhaps that was done to coincide with a big announcement coming in the very near future?

Now It’s Time For Wild Speculation!

Star Wars Project Maverick What We Know About The Secret Game

Going by all the information we have thus far, there’s a good amount of data to support the idea that Project Maverick will be a multiplayer game or at least will have a significant multiplayer mode. The Star Destroyer that’s prominently featured in the leaked image could be a clue that the game will take some time during the original trilogy, as that’s primarily when those massive battleships were featured.

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It’s also interesting that the game is going by the codename Project Maverick. A maverick is defined as “a lone dissenter; an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.” Now, that could mean a few things in relation to Star Wars. For example, the character who most accurately fits the bill of a maverick would undeniably be Han Solo. So, that could imply that the game is about smugglers and their run-ins with the Empire, which might even involve Solo himself in some capacity.

Or, since every Star Wars game seemingly needs to include Jedis, maybe the Maverick in question is a rogue Jedi of some sort. Someone who’s gone against the ways of the Jedi to take on the Empire in an unorthodox manner. With Star Destroyers being front and center in the promotional picture, maybe the game is about Jedis and smugglers banding together to blow up the Empire’s most valuable vessels. After all, it would make sense for a “ragtag” team of “mavericks” to go about fighting the Emperor in their own way.

More To Come About The Maverick

June 2nd isn’t very far away, so if Jeff Grubb’s tweet is correct, real information is about Project Maverick is about to unveiled quite soon. The only concerning thing about this unannounced game is that EA Motive is made up of several of the team members from the now-defunct Bioware Montreal. That group was responsible for another space-faring title, Mass Effect: Andromeda, which, to put it politely, wasn’t very good. Granted, there were a lot of factors that went into the poor quality of that game, so we hope that was simply an unfortunate misstep and Maverick will perform much better.

Any news about a new Star Wars game is cause for a reasonable amount of excitement, so when June 2nd arrives, we’re cautiously looking forward to learning more about the fate of Project Maverick.

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