Star Wars Theory The Mandalorian Already Exists In Canon And Has A Fett Connection

Star Wars Theory: The Mandalorian Already Exists In Canon – And Has A Fett Connection

Jon Favreau’s new Star Wars TV show is called the Mandalorian – and the synopsis points straight to a character who’s already in canon.

You Are Reading :Star Wars Theory The Mandalorian Already Exists In Canon And Has A Fett Connection

Star Wars Theory The Mandalorian Already Exists In Canon  And Has A Fett Connection

Jon Favreau has released the first synopsis for his Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian, and it just might introduce the man who stole Boba Fett’s armor. Cobb Vanth has already been introduced into the Star Wars canon in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, and it sounds a lot like he’s about to star in his own show.

Favreau’s Star Wars TV series has been the subject of much speculation over the last few months. Rumors pointed to the Mandalorians being at the center of the story, while a handful of set photos hinted at a desert location reminiscent of Tatooine. But solid facts were few and far between; at least until Favreau took to social media to reveal the show’s title, and to present a brief synopsis of The Mandalorian.

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According to Favreau, The Mandalorian is set sometime after the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the First Order. The series stars a lone gunfighter on the outer reaches of the galaxy, far beyond the influence of the New Republic. Surprisingly, that masked man may well have already made his appearance in the Star Wars canon.

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Introducing Cobb Vanth, The “Lone Ranger” of Tatooine

Until now, the time between the Original Trilogy and the Sequels has been relatively unexplored. As recently as September 2017, there were reports that the Lucasfilm Story Group was blocking stories set after the Battle of Jakku. Only a handful of novels really discussed that time-period, most notably Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, which chronicled the events leading to the Battle of Jakku, and essentially laid the foundations for any other stories set after Return of the Jedi. That’s begun to change, of course, with both Favreau’s series and Star Wars: Resistance set in the time between the trilogies. It’s safe to assume that both shows will build on the ideas Wendig’s novels first brought into play.

And here’s the interesting thing; the Aftermath trilogy really does feature a “lone gunfighter” who wears Mandalorian armor, and he’s fighting against injustice on the fringes of the galaxy. He’s on Tatooine, and – as Luke himself observed in A New Hope – if there’s a bright center to the universe, Tatooine is the world farthest from it. The first two books in the trilogy avoided revealing too much about the Mandalorian, but the third revealed his history; the man’s name was Cobb Vanth, and he was a slave who was freed after Jabba the Hutt’s death. Stumbling across a set of Mandalorian armor, Vanth and Jabba’s old beastmaster, Malakili, fought to prevent new criminal gangs muscling in on Jabba’s turf and enslaving Tatooine once again.

Although it was never explicitly stated, the Aftermath trilogy strongly implied that Cobb Vanth had stumbled upon Boba Fett’s armor. It seems the Sarlacc was badly injured during the events of Return of the Jedi, with the explosion of Jabba’s Sail Barge leaving the creature partially exposed. Some stoma-tubes were split open, and industrious Jawas raided them for treasures. The novel hinted that the Jawas took the Mandalorian armor, and that Vanth purchased it from them. Boba Fett’s fate, however, was never revealed; according to Jabba, it took years to be digested inside the Sarlacc, so he may well have still been alive, albeit injured.

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All this dovetails perfectly with Favreau’s description. Cobb Vanth was active as a lawman in the time between the trilogies; he’s a solitary gunslinger, wearing the right suit of armor; and he’s active on Tatooine, when photos have hinted at a desert setting for The Mandalorian. In addition, no sooner had the first synopsis been published than Jason Ward appeared on the SlashFilm podcast to report rumors that the character could be Cobb Vanth. Cobb’s story in the Aftermath trilogy was a strange one, irrelevant to the main plot and relegated to a series of “interludes”. It now looks as though those interludes were set up for ideas Lucasfilm intended to explore further down the line – and Cobb Vanth’s story is the first to be developed, in his case into a TV series.

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