Supergirl vs Wonder Woman Whod Win a Comics Battle

Supergirl vs Wonder Woman: Who’d Win a Comics Battle

Supergirl and Wonder Woman are two of DC’s most popular superheroes of all time, but which one would be able to defeat the other in a fight?

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Supergirl vs Wonder Woman Whod Win a Comics Battle

In DC Comics, Wonder Woman and Supergirl are two of the most powerful superheroes on Earth – but should the two ever come to blows, which one would prevail in a one-on-one battle? The Amazonian Princess and the last daughter of Krypton both come from different worlds – the former from the mythical island of Themyscira on which the Amazons live and train, and the latter from Krypton, the destroyed home of Superman, Jor-El, General Zod and the other famous Kryptonians. There is, however, a clear winner, and fans of a certain famous DC heroine won’t be happy with the result.

Wonder Woman is older than Supergirl, both in-universe and in terms of the hero that was created first. First appearing in All-Star Comics #8 in 1941 and created by William Moulton Marston (and an uncredited H.G. Peter), Wonder Woman was not the first female superhero, but she was by far the most popular – and continues to be to this day. By contrast, while Wonder Woman wasn’t based off any existing hero, Supergirl was created in 1959 and was little more than a female version of Superman (at least at the beginning) designed to increase sales. Eventually, Kara Zor-El became a popular character in her own right.

Kara Zor-El is up for a challenge should she make an enemy of Wonder Woman. The daughter of Themyscira has strength that’s almost comparable to Superman; she’s capable of punching people from the Earth to the Moon, and can even move the Moon to a lower orbit (albeit alongside Superman). With that strength, she can easily lift a fully-loaded plane and can fly at supersonic speeds (admittedly, Wonder Woman’s flight powers have come and gone over the years). In terms of endurance, Superman’s cousin Power Girl has punched Wonder Woman across the continental United States with barely a scratch to show for it. Of course, her signature move – blocking bullets with her bracelets – should not go unmentioned, as should her Lasso of Truth.

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Supergirl vs Wonder Woman Whod Win a Comics Battle

But Kara Zor-El is not without power herself. As a native Kryptonian, she has all the powers of Superman, including superior strength, flight skills, and the ability to withstand the pressure of the ocean and the hostile environment of deep space. She has a power Wonder Woman lacks: her heat vision, which gives her a long-range attack that Diana can’t match. Unfortunately for Kara, Wonder Woman doesn’t need long-range attacks when she can fall back on her Amazonian training; unlike Kara, she’s trained her entire life for battle against all manner of foes. Wonder Woman and Supergirl have fought twice before – and Wonder Woman handily won both times.

Supergirl is incredibly strong, and possess all the powers of her more famous cousin. Unfortunately, she lacks the experience and training necessary to defeat Diana in a fight. Supergirl has more powers, but Wonder Woman’s sheer strength and battle-hardened skill allow her to triumph over the last daughter of Krypton.

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