Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

Superman & Lois: 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

With over 80 years of stories in Superman’s history, Superman & Lois has a lot to work with. Let’s look at some of the best examples!

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Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

After Tyler Hoechlin first appeared as Superman in Season Two of Supergirl, fans have been clamoring for him to get his own series, with those cries being made louder when Elizabeth Tulloch debuted as Lois Lane in the crossover Elseworlds. After some time, as well as some dubious issues behind the scenes, fans will finally be getting their wish.

Superman & Lois is a greatly anticipated series which marks the live-action debut of their son Jon Kent, also known as Superboy. Still, with decades of material, some of The Man Of Steel’s stories need to be told in this series.

10 Last Son

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

Though it may not be for the best to speculate over what the overarching plot of the series is, there are some questions about the other Super Son, Jordan Kent. Though his inclusion in the show has raised some eyebrows, it’s worth noting that Jon wasn’t Superman and Lois Lane’s first rodeo when it comes to parenting.

“Superman: Last Son,” written by Geoff Johns with the help of Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner, sees the couple take in a young Kryptonian boy, only to find out he has a dark secret. Though Jordan Kent’s role in the series is still unknown, bringing in elements of “Last Son” would make for some gripping television.

9 Legend Of The Green Flame

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

A more obscure entry, but one brimming with potential. Green Lantern/ Superman: Legend Of The Green Flame is a non-canon story written by Neil Gaiman that follows Superman and Hal Jordan as they travel through the afterlife to solve the mystery of the elusive Green Flame.

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While Hal Jordan might not be the most popular Green Lantern anymore, that is something that feels like it rings true in the story as well, with Hal in the middle of a personal crisis at the story’s start. Legend Of The Green Flame might not be the most obvious choice, but that might work in its favor.

8 For The Man Who Has Everything

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

Alan Moore is considered to be the father of superhero deconstruction, but his iconic Superman story “For The Man Who Has Everything,” is a bit of a curiosity in his resume. Regardless, the story of Mongul using a plant to incapacitate The Man Of Steel by showing him his ideal world is a masterpiece of Superman storytelling.

Though this storyline was touched on in Supergirl, it’s never too late to see how the infamous Black Mercy would affect her cousin. Perhaps some Arrowverse mainstays could fill in the roles of Batman and Wonder Woman, or perhaps Warner Bros. could give fans the true Trinity.

7 Superman Reborn

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

As fans probably guess by a cursory glance at the series, the show is taking cues from the DC Rebirth era of Superman, which depicts The Man Of Steel raising his son with Lois Lane in a small town. A lot of what made that era special was Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s work, with one of their best stories being “Superman Reborn.”

The story sees Superman and Lois’ son go missing while a mysterious man goes around claiming to be Clark Kent. To spoil the rest of the story would be the absolute final sin, however, if you give the story a read, you can see a few ways that it could be adapted.

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6 Event Leviathan

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

While Peter J. Tomasi’s run of Superman is beloved, Brian Michael Bendis’ is… less so. The moment that Bendis got on board, he tore down everything that Tomasi worked so hard to create and did his own thing, which has divided many fans. While “Event Leviathan” isn’t Bendis’ best work, it’s a story that could work in the Arrowverse.

“Event Leviathan” is a pretty well-trodden affair dealing with an evil organization, but what gets the story on the list is how crucial Lois Lane is in it. With the show being called Superman & Lois, Lois more than deserves to get her own stories.

5 Public Enemies

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

Along with “For The Man Who Has Everything,” Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness’s’ “Public Enemies” may be a familiar story, as it was adapted into the animated film Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. While Superman’s relationship with Lois is his best relationship, his dynamic with Batman is up there, and “Public Enemies is a story that embraces that dynamic.

Another thing “Public Enemies” has going for it is the depiction of Lex Luthor in The Oval Office, as well as his abuse of that power. Even if we don’t get Batman on The CW, seeing Superman go up against a far more powerful Lex Luthor is an entertaining notion.

4 The Return Of The Phantom King

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

The New 52 isn’t Superman’s finest incarnation. That said, there are a few stories in the divisive era of DC Comics that are worthy of adaptations. Among them is “The Return Of The Phantom King,” a Grant Morrison penned, Travel Foreman drawn tale that shows the true nature of The Phantom Zone.

While Supergirl mentioned that General Zod is considered by Superman to be his greatest nemesis, we have yet to know where he is or anything about The Phantom Zone. Whenever we catch a glimpse of the infamous Kryptonian prison, it would be really cool if they took a few cues from this story.

3 Superman: Secret Origin

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

It’s a bit of an inside joke that some of Superman’s best stories are just retellings of his origins, though the one that fits best in the more lighthearted tone of The Arrowverse is “Superman: Secret Origin.” Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank, “Superman: Secret Origin” is easily one of the best versions of Supes’ origin that everyone needs to read.

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Though we’re familiar with Superman and Lois at this point, it would be interesting to have an arc showing how they met, and how Superman first crossed paths with Lex Luthor. Though it would need some re-jigging as Metallo is involved in the story, “Superman: Secret Origin” is a story that’s very worthy of adaptation.

2 Brainiac

Superman & Lois 10 Comic Stories The Show Needs To Adapt

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank strike again! We’ve seen quite a few of Superman’s greatest enemies on Supergirl, but perhaps Superman & Lois could bring one of his most formidable villains back to the small screen. Superman: Brainiac is considered by many to be Brainiac’s best story, which explains why it’s been mined for material so often.

Not only did the story get an animated adaptation in the form of Superman: Unbound, this version of Brainiac was one of the main villains of Krypton, played by Blake Ritson. With Crisis On Infinite Earths merging a few worlds into one, perhaps Ritson’s Brainiac could be part of that merging?

1 What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way?

For years, people have said that Superman isn’t relevant anymore and that his ideals are naïve and silly. However, the best story to challenge this issue is “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way?”

A story that shows Superman clash with a more ruthless “superhero” faction named The Elite, this acclaimed Superman yarn may be familiar to Supergirl fans. While The Elite have come and gone in The Arrowverse, they aren’t really what makes the story special, rather it’s the execution of Superman’s morals being challenged.

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