Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Supernatural: 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Throughout Supernatural, Sma and Ruby have been on and off and share a complicated relationship. But real fans know that they really aren’t friends.

You Are Reading :Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

The CW’s Supernatural is halfway through its final season and it’s time to look back on some of the show’s most significant moments. Speaking of which, Sam’s strange dynamics with the demon Ruby would definitely qualify as some of the most important moments in the show’s history, helping to shape future seasons.

Although Sam and Ruby shared a weird equation, their relationship was never very friendly, to begin with. Let’s see why.

10 They Had A Strange Sexual Relationship

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

It wasn’t enough that Dean had to come back from hell and find Sam going dark side with the help of a demon, the latter was also involved in a sexual relationship with Ruby.

Sam and Ruby shared a bizarre sexual equation where Sam, at least, seemed to see Ruby as a source of some sort of dark, twisted pleasure where he would cut her and drink her blood in some wacky sexual foreplay and then have sex. The fact that Sam would get physically involved with a demon was astounding at the time–it was still early days on the show, and the brothers weren’t yet knee-deep in the whole angels and demons thing.

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9 It Was All Give And Take

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

All Sam really wanted from Ruby was to learn how to control his telekinesis and get stronger with the demon blood. As far as he was concerned, Ruby had joined forces with him because she remembered what it was to be human.

Ruby, of course, saw this as an investment for something much bigger–to release Lucifer from his cage. Both had ulterior motives and went on to develop a strange co-dependent relationship.

8 Sam Was Ambivalent

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Sam was never completely on board with Ruby apparently allying herself with him. Although he needed the strength to harness his powers, he was, after all, neither blind nor stupid.

Sam kept Ruby around for he had to come to terms with his freakish powers and the only way he could do it at the time was by learning how to use them for good, to save people who had been possessed by demons. But Ruby was a demon, after all. So deep down Sam had to know the consequences of being with her.

7 There Was No Trust

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

While Ruby had to pretend that she trusted Sam to lay the groundwork for her plans, Sam was under no such illusions. He had to know that Ruby was a huge risk he was willingly taking. Or at least he told himself and Dean that he didn’t trust Ruby, although unknown to him, he was being controlled by her.

The relationship between Ruby and Sam was one where both had their guards up and for Sam’s part, Ruby was a choice he was making without trusting her completely.

6 Sam Probably Hated Himself

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Sam was not on cloud nine about his association with Ruby. He had long hated himself for being the chosen one, for being what others would consider a freak.

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When Ruby offered him a way to harness his capabilities, he saw a way out to do some good. However, he still hated himself for being who he was and even more probably, because he was ashamed somehow of teaming up with a demon who had not been able to stop his brother from being sent to hell.

5 Ruby Didn’t Have Dean’s Stamp of Approval

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Canon tells us that the relationship between the brothers is the core underlining theme of the entire series. Dean and Sam have a complex, layered relationship, but the one constant in their lives is the deep love they bear for each other.

Given that Dean is the older brother, and Ruby’s so-called alliance with Sam does not have his stamp of approval, it seems unlikely that Sam considers her a friend. Although the brothers have always kept secrets from each other and don’t have a history of accepting each other’s decisions without a fight, the possibility that Sam would actually consider Ruby a friend seems ludicrous.

4 Ruby Was Manipulative & Deceitful

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

The main reason why Sam and Ruby could never have been friends was revealed in ‘Lucifer Rising’, the season 4 finale. In the final moments of the episode, it was revealed that Ruby had been working under Lilith’s orders all along and that Sam had been nothing but a tool to bring their grand plan to fruition.

Ruby’s ulterior motive all along had been to unleash Lucifer onto the world and jumpstart the apocalypse, which is why she had tried to get into Sam’s good books. She manipulated him, at the same time, pretending that she was on his side by helping him harness his powers. Ruby played Sam from the very beginning and was far from his friend.

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3 Ruby Was Part of Lilith’s Plan

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Ruby was never a spontaneous ally of Sam’s, to begin with. She had been instructed by Lilith to get into Sam’s life so that she could manipulate him and make sure that the plan to release Lucifer went smoothly.

True to her word, Ruby had ingratiated herself with the Winchesters and stayed with them, despite Dean’s obvious distrust of her, to make sure that Sam killed Lilith as part of the plan, thereby setting Lucifer free.

2 Ruby Offered Sam A Way To Feel Better

Supernatural 10 Reasons Ruby & Sam Were Never Real Friends

Ruby had to act out her part convincingly, which is why she got into Sam’s good books, or at least tried to, by helping him harness his extraordinary powers and use it to help people possessed by demons.

Her way of doing so was by getting him hopped up on demon blood, which, diabolic as it sounds and is, actually made him stronger, allowing him to draw the demon out of a living person. Sam, who had lost his brother at the end of season 3 and hated himself for being the ‘freakish’ brother, thought he had found a way to make himself feel better.

1 Ruby Was, After All, A Demon

The fundamental thing that would have prevented Sam from considering Ruby a real friend was the fact that she was a demon.

What Sam and Ruby had was a reluctant association of convenience where Sam depended on Ruby for something he needed and Ruby, on the other hand, played him for the bigger picture.

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